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Anita Bunk
Head of Communications

Edeka Minden uses inubit BPM solution for data acquisition and quality management

Automated master data maintenance bisects resource efforts

Berlin, 04/27/2009 -

Edeka Minden-Hannover, the largest of the seven regional trading companies of the EDEKA group, automates their master data maintenance by the help of the inubit BPM-Suite. So, the retail store chain bisects the acquisition effort of creating new article data and avoids media breaks while processing. At the same time, the company increases the data consistency and reduces the breakdown susceptibility along the whole supply chain. The BPM-Suite (Business Process Management) of the Berlin based inubit AG acts as central process control layer.

Before starting the project, Edeka Minden-Hannover put considerable effort into the manual master data maintenance. The acquisition was separated in several departments and different documents, which had to be consolidated manually repeatedly. Both an early validation of the contents and the ability to evaluate processes were lacking.

With the automation of the master data maintenance by using the inubit BPM-Suite, Edeka Minden-Hannover pursuits several objectives: besides the significant saving of time, logistic master data from different data pools can be used now for data acquisition. Already at this stage, a comprehensive validation of data with user-friendly correction requests is taking place. For professional releases and for the optimization of data quality, Edeka uses the workflow functionalities of the inubit BPM-Suite. After verification, the responsible employee activates the storing in the SAP system by clicking just one button. Furthermore, the new solution provides comprehensive reporting options with real time data.

The inubit BPM-Suite represents the central process control layer. Employees interact by using a web-based portal which provides business roles, users, role assignments and flexible portlet-based interfaces. Via the individually configurable system connectors of the inubit BPM-Suite, SAP, the WebService interface of the external master data provider Sinfos/ SA2, the e-mail server, a file share system for Microsoft Excel and an external Oracle data base for reporting have been connected.

“Because numerous activities within the process chain are now omitted or shifted, and comprehensive validation checks can be conducted before being transferred to our ERP system, we accomplish a considerable enhancement of the data quality”, says Maik Behnke, head of corporate process management, Edeka Minden-Hannover. “We have been successful in bisecting the expenditure of time regarding the acquisition of creating new article data and in focusing more on the quality assurance of data. Due to the paperless communication more than 300,000 pages of paper have been omitted in this process, which is now free of media breaks.”

About Edeka Minden-Hannover

The EDEKA Minden-Hannover, with a turnover of 6.3 billion Euros in 2008, 31,500 employees and about 1,500 retail locations, is the most significant of the regional EDEKA trading companies.

The distribution area spans from the Dutch to the Polish border, focusing Lower Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Berlin-Brandenburg.

Edeka Minden uses inubit BPM solution for data acquisition and quality management