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Anita Bunk

Head of Communications

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Bosch demonstrates workable Industry 4.0 solutions along the value chain

  • Software and hardware experts at Bosch present joint concepts
  • Live demonstrations in the areas of engineering, purchasing/logistics, production, and aftersales
  • Two new software solutions making their debut: real-time monitoring and remote maintenance

Hannover/Immenstaad/Berlin, 04/09/2015 -

Machine manufacturers and operators can no longer imagine their world without Industry 4.0. Many companies are evaluating what the new concepts and applications in this area can do for their business and how they can sensibly incorporate these solutions into their products. At Booth E04, Hall 7 at the Hannover Trade Fair, Bosch Rexroth and Bosch Software Innovations will be giving live demonstrations of solutions and products in which machinery and software work together in a useful way. What’s special about this is that Bosch provides support to machine manufacturers and manufacturing companies for processes along the entire value chain.

Connected manufacturing offers industry a major opportunity to maintain – and improve – its competitiveness over the long term. This is made possible by higher productivity, continuous quality improvement, and more efficient use of resources, all achieved through Industry 4.0. Flexible, adaptable production all the way to a batch size of one, along with minimal tooling times, enables faster reactions to volatile markets and helps meet the needs of individual customers. Bosch is a leading supplier and leading user in all of these areas.

At a booth covering some 170 m2, Bosch will provide an introduction to Industry 4.0 by demonstrating practical examples drawn from engineering, purchasing and logistics, production, and aftersales.

Four areas of the industrial value chain

In engineering, a structured Industry 4.0 method helps in gathering, standardizing, checking, and analyzing field data collected from distributed devices. Another approach leverages the interplay between the IndraMotion MLC control system and the rules management of the Bosch IoT Suite, enabling industrial users to create a link between machine statuses and business processes – no programming knowledge necessary.

Sensor-based transportation monitoring is of interest to those in purchasing and logistics. Transportation units equipped with smart sensors measure various environmental parameters, such as temperature, humidity, light, or vibration of the goods being moved. This allows problems that arise en route to be identified immediately, with indications given right when the goods are received as to how they should be handled in order to avoid unnecessary costs.

Four solutions in production are being presented. The first is the Process Quality Manager, which can monitor and document production process data in real time. Using this software solution, companies can detect and remedy errors quickly before they cause problems in the production process and give rise to extra costs.

The second is the PRC7300 medium-frequency welding controller by Bosch Rexroth, which features an intuitive user interface that reduces commissioning time and simplifies diagnostics. Thanks to a boost in computing power, the controller offers higher bandwidth for communication and process regulation. The third solution is the hydraulic power unit in Bosch Rexroth’s ABPAC series, which can be quickly and flexibly integrated into existing production environments. Open interfaces mean that the overall status of the system can be displayed on authorized smartphones and tablets. And fourth is Rexroth’s ActiveCockpit, a communication system for manufacturing, with which you can collect, process, and visualize all production data in real time. Constant access to the latest production data accelerates the problem-solving process.

For the phase following delivery to the field, Bosch Software Innovations is introducing solutions for predictive maintenance and remote maintenance. The latter takes the form of the Remote Service Manager, which makes it possible to carry out diagnostic and maintenance work faster than before. Service technicians are called out less frequently and machines have less downtime.

This portfolio highlights how Bosch is creating Industry 4.0 solutions for the challenges currently facing the manufacturing sector and its logistics networks. It is a crucial area, which is why the company has been driving the topic for years as both a leading user and a leading supplier. For some time now, the Bosch Group has been testing and applying Industry 4.0 technologies at its own production facilities – with much success. The insights Bosch gleans are channeled directly into developing still more Industry 4.0 solutions and products.