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New software study: Industry 4.0 gaining momentum

  • Bosch Software Innovations conducts survey of manufacturing companies
  • 56 percent of companies surveyed already use Industry 4.0 software solutions
  • Monitoring of machine data cited as a key functionality

10/01/2015 -

More than half of the surveyed manufacturing companies from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland already use connected software solutions. An even higher percentage (66 percent) said they were planning to implement Industry 4.0 software solutions within the next 12 months. These findings are from a Bosch Software Innovations survey of 181 production managers from manufacturing companies, including some Bosch plants. Currently, Industry 4.0 software solutions are primarily used to monitor machine and production process data with the goal of improving key production KPIs.

Overall, the Bosch plants use Industry 4.0 software solutions far more frequently than the other surveyed manufacturing companies; 73 percent of them have already deployed Industry 4.0 technologies. “This finding underlines the major emphasis that Bosch puts on the future of manufacturing, both as a lead supplier and a lead user,” says Daniel Hug, Head of the Vertical Manufacturing and Logistics at Bosch Software Innovations. “As well as developing solutions for connected manufacturing, we are also applying targeted solutions very successfully in our own plants. Thanks to our unique synthesis of production and IT expertise, we know exactly what the market wants and can implement applications that provide genuine benefits.”

Data monitoring for greater transparency

Among the companies surveyed already using Industry 4.0 software solutions, the highest ranking went to applications for monitoring production processes and data. These include the monitoring of machine data (72 percent), process and quality data (70 percent), and logistics processes (58 percent). A similar pattern was evident among companies that are planning to deploy Industry 4.0 software solutions. Predictive maintenance will play an even bigger role at the surveyed companies in the future. 50 percent are already planning to introduce Industry 4.0 software solutions in this field. “Predictive maintenance was one of the first application scenarios discussed in the context of Industry 4.0,” says Hug. “It appears the time is now ripe for initial pilot applications.”

You can download the results of the Industry 4.0 study here.