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Press & Media

Anita Bunk
Head of Communications

Bosch Software Innovations presents two new solutions for energy providers at E-world

  • Offers for energy providers extended to include standard software solutions
  • Updates every six months ensure regulations are always implemented in line with market requirements
  • New solutions grow in line with requirements

Immenstaad (Germany), 02/07/2013 -

Immenstaad/Berlin – Fighting through the regulatory jungle in the energy sector is becoming more difficult with each passing year. Under the sheer weight of new provisions and stipulations as well as constant amendments to existing ones, energy providers are struggling to successfully implement their business processes. Another hurdle they face is to deal with the often inadequate quality of customer master data in distributed systems such as customer relationship management (CRM). At E-world 2013, Bosch Software Innovations is presenting new solutions to help energy providers overcome both these challenges. These solutions are based on established business process management (BPM) for energy technology (inubit suite, Visual Rules): Market Process Manager is a standard solution made up of various process packages for market communications; Master Data Quality Manager is designed to help continuously improve the quality of master data.

Energy providers have been grappling with how to optimize processes for many years now, in an attempt to keep pace with ever-expanding market regulations. After over ten years of close collaboration with around a quarter of Germany’s energy providers, Bosch Software Innovations presently offers a host of process packages for many current processes and regulations, such as change processes in metering.

At E-world 2013, Bosch Software Innovations is now offering its first ever standard solutions, complete with the necessary six-monthly updates, designed to ensure companies’ business processes are always in line with market requirements. The Market Process Manager solution offers customers the choice between the integration profile, purely for data integration, and the process profile, which implements and manages the entire process.

Yet another solution came out of the need to improve the often poor quality of the master data stored in distributed systems used by energy providers. Inconsistencies in data can, for instance, lead to billing errors, which drive up costs. Using the new Master Data Quality Manager, customers can ensure systematic, rule-based data reconciliation for their backend systems (e.g. in CRM or settlement systems), together with automatic distribution of adjusted data among the relevant systems. Manual changes are supported by guided workflows in dedicated portals. Although the rules governing data reconciliation are complex, their specific mapping into models keeps them easy to understand and allows specialists with the requisite quality assurance expertise to participate directly in their ongoing development. This gives energy providers a solution that guarantees reliable implementation of business processes, whatever their existing system and data infrastructure and regardless of the full availability of interfaces.