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Press & Media

Anita Bunk
Head of Communications

Concepts for a networked world: Bosch Software Innovations at CeBIT

  • Live demonstration of predictive maintenance for machines
  • Presentation of a software suite
  • Many concepts for networked living

Immenstaad (Germany), 02/14/2013 -

Immenstaad/Hannover – It is not only the future of the technology and computing sectors that the Internet of Things and Services will help shape to a large degree. At CeBIT in Hannover, Bosch Software Innovations will be showing the full breadth of its concepts for a new, networked world. One of the things the company will be showing in Hall 11, Stand D73 is a software suite that forms the basis for networking, allowing companies to implement new business models straight away.

The world’s leading high-tech trade show

On its stand at the world’s leading high-tech trade show, Bosch Software Innovations will be applying augmented reality to a model of a city to illustrate the possibilities presented by the Internet of Things and Services (IoTS) and to point out the applications that consumers and companies can take advantage of now and in the foreseeable future. By picking up a tablet and holding it up to the architectural model, visitors will be able to see its houses, office buildings, factories, and wind turbines depicted on their screen, too, along with a vivid and informative overview of the benefits for each target group. Whether for questions of mobility, energy, buildings, or industry, Bosch Software Innovations has tailored solutions and concepts that offer ideal support.

New areas of business

The Internet of Things is also opening up new areas of business in manufacturing, and the second exhibit on the Bosch Software Innovations stand highlights one possible way forward. It is focused on an industrial facility that uses a gripper to sort small solar cells. Integrated software recognizes the onset of mechanical faults and kicks off maintenance processes in good time, before the machinery comes to a standstill. Manufacturers stand to benefit from this in many ways. For one thing, it allows better maintenance planning. What is more, it brings down maintenance and repair costs. And finally, this kind of predictive maintenance reduces downtimes, hence increasing productivity.

These solutions and future concepts are built on the Bosch Software Innovations software suite that will also be presented at CeBIT. It comprises our core products for Business Process Management (BPM), Business Rules Management (BRM), and Device Management (M2M). The two editions, IoTS and BPM+, allow quick and efficient implementation of IoTS projects, new cloud services, and traditional enterprise applications such as process and rules management.


For the Internet of Things and Services, objects are being enhanced with technology that gives them the ability to exchange data over the internet. This means they can automatically carry out actions that are appropriate to them. In factories, for example, a workpiece could tell the production machinery what work needs to be carried out – freeing people of the need to take care of many individual process steps. In the home, an enhanced washing machine might be switched on in the middle of the day, once cheap rooftop solar electricity is available to take the place of expensive grid power.