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Bosch Software Innovations in the News


10 / 2012

Video: Stefan Ferber on business models in IoT

Watch our new video with Stefan Ferber, who talks about the importance of the Internet of Things & Services (IoT) and why Bosch Software Innovations develops business models with the University of St. Gallen.

10 / 2012

Video: Why Bosch and the University of St. Gallen cooperate

In our video Q&A with Prof. Dr. Elgar Fleisch, Professor for Information and Technology Management at the University of St. Gallen (HSG) & ETH Zurich, he shares why Bosch and the University of St. Gallen are ideal partners for an Internet of Things and Services lab (IoT).

10 / 2012

Video: Dr. Siegfried Dais on the Internet of Things and Services

Watch our new video Q&A with Dr. Siegfried Dais, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Management of Robert Bosch GmbH, about our Internet of Things and Services Lab, which Bosch founded with the University of St. Gallen.

10 / 2012

Vodafone and Bosch – A strong team in the Internet of Things

Heinz Derenbach, chairing the Executive Board of Bosch Software Innovations, about the partnership with Vodafone: “In order to deliver new business models and services in the Internet of things, two strong partners must come together.”

10 / 2012

M2M Management Software: Supplier and Product Review

Get an insight into the M2M market: Analysys Mason's latest report takes a closer look at the M2M market, examining current developments as well as suppliers and their offerings in this segment. Read more on how Bosch Software Innovations is positioned in this report.

09 / 2012

Urban electromobility in the tropics

Read more about Singapore's reknowned electromobility pilot program. The so-called electric vehicle (EV) test-bed started last year and is to evaluate the challenges and opportunities of introducing electric vehicles in Singapore.

09 / 2012

New Case Study Video: Cloud-based Cancer Care Information System

Find out in this video how the Myeloma Foundation uses Visual Rules to provide timely cancer care information.

07 / 2012

eco Awards for Germany's most Innovative Internet Companies

Bosch Software Innovations was selected by the eco Association of the German Internet Industry as one of the three most innovative companies in the Automotive category.

07 / 2012

Webinar Video: The Internet of Things and Services

Obtain fascinating insights into the connected world of the Internet of Things and Services (IoT). Topics featured in the video include eMobility, healthcare, energy and retail.

07 / 2012

Bosch delivers eMobility IT platform for HUBJECT

The open IT platform for hubject GmbH is to be supported by Bosch internet-based technology. Founded in March, hubject is jointly owned by BMW Group, Bosch, and Daimler, as well as by EnBW, RWE, and Siemens.

07 / 2012

Big Data and the Internet of Things

There are volumes of data that will not fit into a standard database and are almost impossible to deal with using current tools. The kind of smart products associated with the internet of things call for complicated logic in relation to security, data privacy, interaction and flexibility. Find out more in this article about these new challenges.

06 / 2012

Video series on the Internet of Things and Services

Watch our video series and find out more about real-life applications, our technologies and software platform as well as Bosch’s vision on the Internet of Things & Services (IoT).

05 / 2012

LeasePlan Now Using Visual Rules for Corporate Credit Risk Rating

The fleet management and leasing company LeasePlan, headquartered in Almere near Amsterdam in the Netherlands, profits from effective credit risk management using Visual Rules from Bosch Software Innovations.

03 / 2012

Customer Magazine: First Issue of InnovateIT available now

Discover more about our vision of a connected world and learn about our product portfolio and how our software products and solutions are used by companies for different use cases.

02 / 2012

Enabling business success in a connected world

In the near future, more and more devices and systems will be equipped to automatically exchange data over the Internet. Bosch is part of the "Internet of Things" and will further expand its service offering in a connected world.