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IoT and Big Data are growing together

Bosch Software Innovations wins MongoDB Innovation Award

07/21/2014 -

Bosch Software Innovations was awarded the MongoDB Innovation Award in the category Internet of Things (IoT) at the MongoDB world event in New York.

The MongoDB Innovation Awards recognize modern applications that are transforming businesses, enabling organizations to actualize trends like Big Data and the Internet of Things while delivering business insights with agility and scale never before possible.

“We are excited to receive the MongoDB Innovation Award. For us, this is a clear signal that our IoT solutions are now accepted in the global IoT market” says Dirk Slama, Director Business Development at Bosch Software Innovations. “With our new Bosch Software Suite 1.5 and the partnership with MongoDB, we see that IoT and Big Data are really growing together. This is a big advantage for our customers and partners.”

One of the first IoT projects which started a large-scale rollout of a solution leveraging MongoDB and the Bosch Software Suite is „ Systematic Field Data Retrieval(sFDE)“. The goal of sFDE is to capture operational data from vehicle components in the field, e.g. brake and engine performance, power steering and injection pumps, etc. The main focus is on gaining analytical insights into the actual usage of Bosch components in the field.

Rolf Nicodemus, responsible for the sFDE-project at Bosch: “Leveraging MongoDB and the Bosch Software Suite, we were able to meet our ambitious project goals. We need to be able to handle very large data volumes, which MongoDB is an ideal fit for. Furthermore, we need to integrate a very large number of very heterogeneous, constantly evolving vehicle components. The combination of MongoDB’s document oriented approach and the data integration features of the Bosch Software Suite are giving us a great advantage here. This allows us to cope with a highly heterogeneous and very dynamic environment as we are rolling this out in the field.”

Bosch Software Innovations works with clients all over the globe to address their requirements in a connected world and to successfully implement new business models today. The company’s software suite comprises core products for Business Process Management (BPM), Business Rules Management (BRM), and Device Management (M2M), and can be used in a wide range of IoT application scenarios, including mobility, energy, manufacturing, smart home and smart cities.

More information about the collaboration between Bosch Software Innovations, MongoDB and new possibilities in the Internet of Things can be found in the infobox to the right.