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Caroline Buck

Caroline Buck
Product Manager
Phone +49 7545 202-229

Free trial of Visual Rules BRM

Free trial of
Visual Rules BRM

Visual Rules Release 6.3 – Now available

Berlin, 07/31/2014 -

Along with a variety of new technical features, the new Release 6.3 of the BRM software Visual Rules also offers business users considerably improved reporting capabilities and supports a large number of current browsers, web application servers, operating and database systems.

Aggregated Statistics

The new release 6.3 now allows an automated aggregation of individually selected execution statistics and therefore offers meaningful evaluation options over several rule executions.

Multi-Target Deployment

Using the new release 6.3., business users can simultaneously publish a rule project from the team server in different execution environments. This is now possible with just one build process.

Extended Platform Support

Visual Rules 6.3 supports a seamless interaction with a wide variety of current browsers, web application servers, and operating and database systems, e.g. Google Chrome 32 and Microsoft SQL Server 2012.

Support of OSGi Frameworks

As of this release, rule projects as OSGi bundles can also be exported. Rules projects, created with the Team Server Build or the Builder Maven MOJOs, are OSGi compatible as well. The OSGi programming model is used by the M2M component of the Bosch Software Innovations Suite to implement and manage service applications that are device-independent. This functionality makes it possible to execute logic modeled by rules on different devices.

Visual Rules forms part of the Bosch Software Innovations Suite, a platform that enables the fast and efficient linking of multiple elements of an ecosystem consisting of devices, end customers, businesses, and partners. The software suite makes it possible to actively incorporate devices, sensors, and other 'things' in business processes and offers new features designed to optimize existing business models and develop new ones.

You can find all details of the new release here