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Steffen Lehmann - Energy

Steffen Lehmann
Director Sales
Phone +49 30 726112-243

Smart meter roll-out almost here – support from smart software

Berlin, 10/22/2014 -

Over the past few weeks, the topic of smart metering and the roll-out of the corresponding infrastructure topped the agendas at various energy industry conferences and events.

Experts and participants were unanimous: the approaching widespread roll-out is fraught with enormous logistical challenges. Participating energy companies will have to replace a wide variety of meters as part of the roll-out – and quickly. EU regulations clearly define the roll-out requirements, which each country needs to incorporate into national legislation.

There is intense discussion of how utility companies can minimize risk in the operational phase of roll-out management.

Experts maintain that one of the key ways to approach this challenge is with software to support the management of the smart meter roll-out.

By combining this with a workforce management system, stakeholders will be able to meet all of the roll-out’s requirements in an integrated way.

It is clear that efforts to avoid delays and cost increases as metering infrastructure is put in place are taking on greater priority. At events such as Energietage 2014 or ZVEI’s metering days, Bosch Software Innovations showed how energy companies can best start preparing for the upcoming smart meter roll-out.

Would you like to know how utilities can flexibly and easily design metering processes that are in line with regulations? And how you can boost the efficiency of your processes and expand automation?

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