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Secure remote maintenance

► Bosch Software Innovations introduces its Remote Service Manager

► Basis for many Industry 4.0 concepts

► Solutions for any manufacturer

04/13/2015 -

Many Industry 4.0 concepts, such as predictive maintenance or monitoring the condition of plants, require secure remote access to distributed facilities and devices. Thanks to the Remote Service Manager by Bosch Software Innovations, machine manufacturers and maintenance providers can now carry out diagnostic and maintenance work faster. Service technicians are called out less frequently and the customer’s machines have less downtime.

The Remote Service Manager is an open, integrated system platform that provides a way to manage secure communications from the machine to the user interface on the local computer, such as the one used by the service technician.

Remote access is established over a secure network that encompasses multiple security zones, each of which has a person authorized to grant access to that zone. This ensures that there is no unauthorized access to the connected machinery and equipment. An additional layer of security is provided by a virtual machine, which is generated each time service is required. This prevents malware from reaching the machinery or the terminals (PCs, mobile devices, and the like).

What’s more, customers can configure the system platform so that they are the only ones who can set up a connection. Remote access to the machines and devices is not possible without the customer’s explicit approval.

Since the solution works in conjunction with any manufacturer’s systems, it can connect routers and machines by multiple different manufacturers. Machine manufacturers can also select the network technology they prefer for remote access (internet, ISDN, modem, etc.)

Bosch as a leading user and leading supplier in Industry 4.0: Remote Service Manager in practice

Bosch Sicherheitssysteme GmbH uses the Remote Service Manager as an efficient and secure means of performing remote maintenance and diagnosis on its own security systems. The introduction of EffiLink, the system platform used by Bosch Security Systems for remote services, has made it possible to establish the cause of roughly two thirds of all problems remotely and correct them directly.

The Remote Service Manager will be presented at the Hannover Trade Fair, April 13-17, 2015, in two locations: the joint Bosch Software Innovations and Bosch Rexroth booth (Hall 7/E04) and the Bosch Packaging booth (Hall 17/C42).