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Bosch Software Innovations in the News


12 / 2016

New release of inubit BPM 7.2 available now

To overcome the challenges of integrated process management with an eye towards the future, we offer you inubit BPM – a software solution that is tailored to your needs as well as those of your customers. The new release 7.2 includes expanded interfaces so that you can now connect to even more external systems and set up a simple way to share information.

08 / 2015

The rollout looms: practical experience from first movers

The draft of a law governing the digitalization of Germany’s transition to a new energy economy has just been made public. But is this really the green light for the rollout? Or should those concerned already be well into their preparations? Some German energy providers are already working hard on the rollout, but is it a good idea to be doing this already? What exactly needs to be planned, decided, and organized before the first smart meter can even be rolled out? Read on for an overview of the key aspects that are driving the first movers in this field today.

08 / 2015

Learning before doing: successful innovation strategies for the smart meter rollout

Germany’s transition to a new energy economy is changing the rules of the game for many business areas of the energy industry at an unprecedented rate – and metering is no exception. To develop innovations in an environment rife with uncertainty requires special innovation strategies. That’s because innovation strategies for new or transforming markets are fundamentally different from those for established markets.

07 / 2015

Smart metering security – Germany leads the way

There are many options available to companies that want to improve their data security and data protection. Germany will no doubt play a leading role here, and not just in terms of the transition to a green energy economy. It will also be a pioneer in data security for smart metering and smart grids – and will be used by many other countries as a benchmark.

06 / 2015

Danish Energy Summit 2015: Will the green go black?

This year, the theme of the Danish Energy Summit was “Will the green go black?” In other words: “Will the transition to green energy turn a profit?” It is perhaps a loaded question. Some believe that it will never be profitable and argue in favor of government support; others feel that it is profitable already. The opinions are numerous, as are the suggestions for how to make green energy profitable. These range from huge thermal storage systems to intelligent controls to battery storage.

04 / 2015

Secure remote maintenance

Many Industry 4.0 concepts, such as predictive maintenance or monitoring the condition of plants, require secure remote access to distributed facilities and devices. Thanks to the Remote Service Manager by Bosch Software Innovations, machine manufacturers and maintenance providers can now carry out diagnostic and maintenance work faster. Service technicians are called out less frequently and the customer’s machines have less downtime.

04 / 2015

Process data monitoring in manufacturing

Transparent production processes that are monitored and documented in real time – these are essential in manufacturing today. They make it possible to quickly respond to anomalies in the production process when manufacturing safety-critical products and components, such as those for cars. This upstream quality assurance step reduces rework costs.