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Technology for a ConnectedWorld –
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Newsletter: Technology for a ConnectedWorld
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December 2014


The IoT and BPM: what’s chicken, and what’s egg?

IoT and BPM

For players in the BPM space, the question is if IoT is big enough an opportunity to justify an exclusive focus on this topic. Should IoT be a part of a BPM suite, or should the BPM suite be an integral part of an IoT suite?

For a company like Bosch, one of the largest device manufacturers in the world, the answer seems obvious…


inubit BPM and Visual Rules BRM releases

inubit BPM und Visual Rules BRM Releases

New versions of our Business Process Management (BPM) and Business Rules Management (BRM) software products are now available. As well as significantly enhancing performance, they also offer many new features. Customers and partners can download the new versions in our User-Portal.

Not a user yet? You can try out inubit BPM and Visual Rules BRM with our free 30-day test installations.


A new way of shopping at the supermarket

The connected supermarket

Imagine this: You draw up a shopping list on your smartphone and share it with your favorite supermarket using their app. When you get there, the app tells you where to find all the items on your list. When you’re ready to go, the system automatically identifies all the goods in your cart or basket, creates and verifies a bill, and uses your smartphone to pay what you owe. The supermarket’s inventory system is also automatically updated.

The Internet of Things makes this possible. Read all about the technology behind it in our Bosch ConnectedWorld Blog.


Monaco 3.0 – smart city saves resources and protects the environment.

Monaco 3.0 - Smart City

Climate-neutral, multi-modal, and sustainable: smart cities have long ceased to be just a pipe dream. Bosch’s Monaco 3.0 project provides a definitive example – it successfully tackled challenges such as the city’s dense population and narrow road network, which led to traffic jams and frustrating delays. To optimize traffic flow and minimize CO2 emissions, the city networked its parking garages. An app calculates the parking space capacity and tells drivers where to find free parking spaces.


iDay 2014 – successful customer and partner day for BPM and BRM

iDay 2014

Alongside the interaction and exchange of ideas among customers, partners, interested visitors, and our technology experts, the iDay 2014 focused on reports from users plus news from the world of our inubit BPM and Visual Rules BRM software technologies.

Companies from various sectors explained how they used Business Process and Business Rules Management to automate processes, future-proof the business logic in their software systems, and boost their businesses’ operating efficiency.