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Latest News from Bosch Software Innovations

Newsletter: Technology for a ConnectedWorld
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June 2015


Bosch completes acquisition of ProSyst

The Bosch Group completed its acquisition of middleware specialist ProSyst on April 22, 2015. In acquiring ProSyst, Bosch Software Innovations is gaining some 110 new associates based in Cologne, Germany and Sofia, Bulgaria. The completed acquisition of ProSyst represents another important step as Bosch systematically expands its software expertise in the Internet of Things.

Bosch completes acquisition of ProSyst

ProSyst software offers the perfect complement to the Bosch IoT Suite’s device management component, especially as it supports a variety of device protocols. There will be no changes to the licensing or marketing of the Bosch IoT Suite or ProSyst’s software products, which have proven themselves on the market over many years.


Device management at your fingertips

The Bosch Indego Connect is the next generation of robotic lawn mowers. It features multiple functionalities that can be managed remotely via smartphone app. Indego Connect is just one example of how solutions developed by Bosch Software Innovations assist in remote device management.

Device management with Bosch Software Innovations

Our IoT platform – the Bosch IoT Suite – already provides a large number of integrated services that help you efficiently develop innovative and sustainable applications for the Internet of Things. Learn more about the possibilities for building your own customized solution to control and manage distributed devices.


Process Quality Manager: monitoring and documenting process data in the manufacturing industry

Companies in the manufacturing industry constantly face the challenge of having to maximize their productivity, keep rework costs as low as possible, and achieve rapid production ramp-ups. Cost pressure is intense, and faults in production are expensive. Companies can master these challenges only by continually optimizing the quality of their processes.

Process Quality Manager from Bosch Software Innovations

Our Process Quality Manager helps detect – and avoid – deviations and faults in the production process as soon as possible. This early-warning system helps reduce the cost of nonconformance!


Virtual Power Plant Manager: combining energy facilities into virtual power plants

The metamorphosis of distribution networks into smart grids is well under way. Software solutions for intelligently managing distributed facilities are becoming more important.

Based on the Bosch IoT Suite, our Virtual Power Plant Manager provides a powerful software solution for connecting distributed energy facilities.

Virtual Power Plant Manager from Bosch Software Innovations

Once combined, these form a virtual power plant that makes it possible to plan, monitor, and control energy supply, consumption, and storage, enabling you to run your business cost-effectively. At the same time, it allows network operators to maintain grid stability – the basis for the future performance requirements of a smart grid.


Case management with inubit ACM

Case Management with inubit ACM

Complex and unstructured business cases are often difficult to map using traditional Business Process Management (BPM). That’s why we’re offering a new solution for Adaptive Case Management (ACM): inubit ACM – the perfect complement to traditional BPM for optimal handling of variable and knowledge-intensive business cases. In our webcast, we introduce inubit ACM and showcase a potential use scenario.