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Technology for a ConnectedWorld –
Latest News from Bosch Software Innovations

Newsletter: Technology for a ConnectedWorld
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March 2015


Bosch ConnectedWorld – Right in the middle of the connected world

'When we talk about the connected world, we’re not talking about something off in the future – we’re in it right now.' That was the key message from Dr. Volkmar Denner, Bosch Group's chairman of the board of management, as he opened this year’s Bosch ConnectedWorld conference.

The two-day IoT event was a chance for Bosch and companies such as Daimler, GE, Trumpf, and Volkswagen to present their new solutions for the connected world.

Bosch ConnectedWorld 2015

Over 800 people came to listen to executives, opinion leaders, and experts as they discussed IoT business models, best practices, and sample applications. Both on the stage and at the accompanying exhibition featuring more than 30 participating companies, there were plenty of live demonstrations and ample opportunities for getting hands-on with the IoT.


Bosch IoT Suite at a glance – infographic

Bosch IoT Suite nfographic

The Bosch IoT Suite supplies the technology for applications in the Internet of Things, and our infographic provides you with a wealth of information about it: ongoing megatrends and challenges in the connected world; how the capabilities of our IoT platform can help you overcome those challenges; and an overview of the industry-specific and cross-sector solutions currently available.


Structured Field Data Retrieval – improved products

Based on the Bosch IoT Suite, Structured Field Data Retrieval is a unified solution for capturing data from distributed devices in a structured, flexible, and secure way. Our solution processes all kind of device data and provides it in a format optimized for data mining and data analytics.

Structured field data retrieval

New tools for visualizing even large amounts of data, provide domain experts with the insights needed for analyzing real-life data and for developing better or new products and services.


BRM in action in the steel industry: ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe employs Visual Rules BRM

ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe found itself needing to replace, step by step, the models it had programmed itself to manage the production of various grades of steel with a software solution equipped to face the demands of the future. The solution had to have rules models that were easy to modify.

ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe case study

That’s what led ThyssenKrupp to opt for Visual Rules BRM. Thanks to rule modeling, the company now possesses an agile solution for manufacturing various grades of steel.


Smart grid in Berlin – new smart solution for managing the power grid

Since September 2014, the power supply in Berlin has become a great deal safer and more reliable, thanks to a new radio-based management solution that draws on Bosch Software Innovations products and helps drastically reduce the risk of power outages within Berlin’s power grid.
Berlin’s distribution grid operator “Stromnetz Berlin” can now manage individual facilities or groups of facilities in a certain street or even an entire district in a targeted manner, turning them on and off as required as well as incrementally regulating individual elements within the group or subgroup.

Stromnetz Berlin case study

This increases grid stability and reduces the risk of power outages. What’s more, the high degree of coverage provided by the radio network as well as the various security mechanisms employed make the technology dependable and immune to outside manipulation.


Eclipse IoT open source standardization project: Vorto

Many technologies available today allow for the interconnection of devices, the management of systems of devices, and consequently the realization of solutions in the Internet of Things (IoT). However, most of the software components related to the IoT are industry-specific solutions that provide individual abstraction layers for specific groups of devices. Because of the different approaches, there is often no interoperability between these components.

Eclipse project Vorto

That’s why Bosch Software Innovations initiated the Vorto project within the Eclipse community. The idea behind this project is to provide the means to create and share what are known as information models – abstract representations of devices. In addition, the project provides an extension point for code generators, allowing code artifacts created on the basis of information models to be employed in specific solutions. Join Vorto – now!


Bosch drives forward first European testbed for Industrial Internet Consortium

Track & trace testbed

A collaboration involving Bosch, Tech Mahindra, Cisco, and National Instruments – all members of the Industrial Internet Consortium – is driving tool connectivity in a bid to boost quality and improve efficiency in industrial manufacturing. The track & trace testbed focuses on managing and localizing connected handheld screw, rivet, and measuring tools.


Perspective. Simplicity. Open source. The essence of a sustainable IoT platform.

IoT platform 101

Googling 'IoT platform' will get you around 1.2 million hits, yet there couldn’t be more difference in opinion as to what an IoT platform actually is. What types of IoT platform are out there? What’s at the heart of this sort of platform and what factors play a role in its success? In this post for the Bosch ConnectedWorld blog, Felix Wortmann from the University of St. Gallen examines these questions and provides some possible answers.


Recommended reading: 'Enterprise IoT' – case studies, best practices, and a methodology guideline

Enterprise IoT

Enterprise IoT is the key topic of the future for companies in industry. The book of the same name documents and analyzes IoT applications in a range of sectors, using these examples as the basis for defining best practice and the Ignite | IoT methodology. In doing so, the aim is to continuously develop IoT best practices and provide them in a sustainable and open-source environment independent of any specific technology. Readers can consult the book’s checklists and project and architecture templates for implementing IoT solutions and project management ideas.