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December 2015.

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September 2015


Bosch IoT Suite – Release 2.1 soon available

Bosch IoT Suite Release 2.1 soon available

A new minor release of the Bosch IoT Suite will be available as of September 2015. Particularly in the area of device management (M2M), Version 2.1 provides valuable innovations for high-performance operations, such as horizontal scalability and clustering. The development environment for modeling and generating device drivers has been extended to enhance user-friendliness, and the new REST interfaces allow developers to quickly and safely register their applications for various device events. Finally, all of the Bosch IoT Suite 2.1 components are compatible with Java 8.


Visual Rules BRM – simply model, test, and implement rules

Visual Rules BRM

With the graphical tools from Visual Rules BRM, you can model rules intuitively and test them comprehensively, thus ensuring they are properly implemented. Check out our new screencasts to see just how easy our BRM software is to operate.

Would you like to try out Visual Rules BRM yourself? We’d be pleased to make a free test version of the Visual Rules BRM Modeler available.


ProSyst middleware enables IoT

ProSyst middleware enables IoT

ProSyst – part of the Bosch Group – is a software vendor that offers middleware for the Internet of Things. ProSyst software supports a wide variety of device protocols, making it the perfect complement to the device management component of the Bosch IoT Suite.


McDonald’s Germany: inubit BPM provides transparent report management

McDonald’s Germany: inubit BPM

Did you know that McDonald’s plays an important role in the real estate market in Germany? That’s because around 80 percent of the restaurants are operated by licensees who send reports about building issues to their landlord – McDonald’s – about 1.5 times each year.

The challenge: 1,480 restaurants, 270 restaurant operators, 1 communication platform

The solution: By introducing a standardized communication platform based on inubit BPM and installing a highly integrated service system, filing reports became decidedly more transparent and the clarification process much more effective.


Identify, define, and evaluate your IoT business models

IoT business models

Based on our experience with large-scale IoT projects, we offer IoT Business Model Workshops, which guide you through the entire process of business model development – including ideation, solution definition, business case calculation, and business model evaluation. In contrast to standard business modeling approaches, we emphasize the importance of partners in the ecosystem and the multi-directional value and service streams required to deliver IoT solutions. Develop new business opportunities and models together with our experts and ensure that you get off to a successful start in the IoT.


Webcast: the IoT for the extended enterprise

Webcast: the IoT for the extended enterprise

So you’ve implemented an initial device connectivity strategy in your company – now what? The Internet of Things continues to develop and evolve beyond various industries’ initial efforts to deploy connectivity strategies for their products. To further optimize business processes, organizations need to push their products to the next level.

But what is required in terms of engineering, platform, and enterprise needs? This webcast addresses the requirements for applying the IoT along the entire value chain!


Use case: how IoT technology can optimize emergency plans

Use case: how IoT technology can optimize emergency plans

The Internet of Things, plus its current and future applications, is advertised most often as a way to improve efficiency or optimize services for business users and end users. While the possibilities offered here by IoT technologies are definitely attractive, certainly the greatest benefit such a technology could provide would be if it also helped save lives.

Find out how IoT technology can assist with developing optimized evacuation plans for various emergencies in our current blog post.


Gartner: Market Guide for IoT platforms

Gartner: Market Guide for IoT platforms

Gartner has researched the market for IoT platforms, providing further information about the market itself (e.g. market definition and direction) and representative vendors:

“An IoT platform enables enterprises to monitor and control IoT endpoints and build applications to meet digital business requirements. CIOs should use this Market Guide to support business unit leaders’ implementation of – and encourage central IT’s utilization of – such platforms.”