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Technology for a ConnectedWorld –
Latest News from Bosch Software Innovations

Newsletter: Technology for a ConnectedWorld
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The next issue will appear in December 2016.

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News from the technology and user front – there’s plenty going on at Bosch Software Innovations. Get the latest in our “Technology for a ConnectedWorld” newsletter.

One item to report is that ProSyst is now officially a part of Bosch Software Innovations. The merger of the two companies was completed in July 2016. Nothing will change for any of the companies’ customers or partners, except that the merger will open up additional opportunities and offers. We will continue to be fully committed to further developing the existing ProSyst products , while ProSyst technology will round out our Bosch IoT Suite. Overall, this move serves to strengthen the portfolio of our comprehensive IoT platform.


September 2016


Bosch Software Innovations: “Leading Vendor” in IoT Application Enablement


IoT Application Enablement hat sich zu einer der wichtigsten Technologien im Internet der Dinge entwickelt. Die von MachNation durchgeführte Erhebung “2016 IoT Platform-Enabled Solutions (PES) ScoreCard” ist die erste detaillierte Analyse dieser IoT Schlüsseltechnologie.

Basierend auf MachNation´s detaillierter Analyse von 15 IoT PES Anbietern wird Bosch Software Innovations als einer der führenden Anbieter in diesem Bereich eingestuft.


Bosch IoT Suite makes developing IoT solutions easier

Bosch IoT Suite

More than five million devices and machines are already connected via our IoT platform, the Bosch IoT Suite. It consists of software services that address the requirements of the most common IoT scenarios and offer all the functions needed to connect devices, users, and companies. Using the Suite therefore allows developers to quickly build, implement, and operate cloud-based and highly scalable IoT applications.


Digital Transformation as a success factor in the IoT

Digital Transformation

“Bosch Software Innovations drives digital transformation for Bosch and its clients”

In this case study, analyst Dan Bieler from Forrester writes about how to leverage a separate software engineering group to transform into a digital business. This report helps CIOs prepare for the evolving working relationship with suppliers in the supply chain concerning Internet of Things opportunities. Moreover, this report provides valuable insights into how to leverage a separate software engineering business unit to drive digital transformation efforts.


The IoT event of the year: Bosch ConnectedWorld 2017

Bosch ConnectedWorld 2017

The fourth IoT business conference will be bigger than ever before: more content, more customer references, more hack challenges, more exhibition space, and more networking opportunities. Hear exceptional talks detailing best practices and case studies. Directly experience successfully implemented IoT solutions at the IoT exhibition. Participate in one of our hack challenges and make the IoT happen. Dive into the world of the IoT by attending Bosch ConnectedWorld 2017, March 15-16 in Berlin!


The IoT in practice: "The Shipyard Communities" in San Francisco

The Shipyard Communities

An impressive 12,000 new residences, 5 million square feet of commercial space, and 350 acres of parks and green spaces – these are just three examples of the remarkable figures resulting from “The Shipyard Communities,” a FivePoint and Lennar development project in San Francisco. Together with Bosch, FivePoint is working on intelligent solutions to ensure that the development of the community is climate-friendly. The initial phase focuses on solutions in connected mobility and efficient living, with the aim of making the lives of residents as pleasant as possible.


Container 4.0 - smart transport on the high seas

Container 4.0

Globally speaking, a third of all food is spoiled before it ever reaches the consumer. A significant proportion of this is due to a loss in quality of the goods during transportation, stemming from for example variable harvesting conditions, the time between harvest and refrigeration, local temperature deviations in refrigerated containers or on vehicles. These are all factors that can compromise the quality of fresh food.

The good news is that additional monitoring of the quality of goods not only helps resolve these problems, it also opens up completely new possibilities for transportation management and storage. Integrating such ideas into logistics processes to make shipping containers smart – that is the aim of a consortium made up of 21 partners from industry and research and financed by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).