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The Bosch IoT Cloud - Making the IoT happen

Bosch IoT Cloud

The Bosch IoT Cloud is a key element in enabling Bosch IoT solutions. It consists of a highly scalable cloud infrastructure based on Cloud Foundry, which makes it faster and easier for IoT developers to build, test, deploy, and scale their applications.

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A trusted and secure home for our IoT solutions


Addressing the specific needs of IoT developers, the Bosch IoT Cloud comprises a large portfolio of ready-to-use cloud services. The cloud design helps you to: accelerate IoT projects, improve time-to-market for new IoT solutions, profit from integrated security mechanisms, and lower complexity and costs in your IoT projects.

The Bosch IoT Cloud is hosted in a dedicated data center near Stuttgart, Germany. Additional cloud locations are planned for the United States and Singapore.

One of the fundamental requirements for the IoT to become firmly established is that customers must be able to trust that their data will be handled properly and securely. We will fulfill this requirement by ensuring strict data protection using the latest protective mechanisms. Furthermore, the Bosch Group has setitself fixed rules for dealing with personal customer data – we respect the right of our customers to know what happens with their personal data. Ultimately, our customers themselves can choose when to provide their personal data and when they want to have it deleted.

Bosch IoT Cloud

Cloud infrastructures usually comprise three levels which are also available on the Bosch IoT Cloud:

  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS): This layer serves as technical foundation for IoT applications and provides the necessary resources to maintain the overlying Platform and Software as a Service layers.
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS): This layer comprises the ready-to-use cloud services of the Bosch IoT Suite, which are tailor-made for common requirements in IoT scenarios. In addition, base services, such as database services, runtimes, an e-mailing service, and many more, can be directly used. Therewith, our PaaS offering provides developers the tools they need to create cloudnative scalable applications.
  • Software as a Service (SaaS): This layer represents the broad range of IoT solutions we offer our customers. Thanks to the cloud design of these solutions, customers do not have to worry about either the technical infrastructure or – in most cases – application installation and updates.