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The Bosch IoT Suite - benefits at a glance

Bosch IoT Suite

Thanks to intelligent technology, your home can now adjust many things in the background without you having to lift a finger, making your life more convenient, secure, and sustainable. This intelligent home control is based on interconnected devices that communicate with one another via the Bosch IoT Suite and automatically adapt to the changing circumstances of your day-to-day life.

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The Bosch IoT Suite - foundation for your IoT application


The Bosch IoT Suite provides the foundation for service enablement, both in terms of connecting things to the Internet – reliably, securely, cost effectively and at scale – and in terms of delivering the backing application logic for value-added services. It is made up of a set of software services that provide all of key middleware capabilities needed to build a sophisticated IoT application from top to bottom. Customers can use any combination of these IoT services as needed to rapidly implement the desired solution.


Cost effective

Bosch IoT Suite customers can focus entirely on IoT application development that adds value, rather than on IoT platform development, hosting, and maintenance. This helps maximize the return on investment (RoI). For users, paying for software services is transparent: services are billed according to progressive plans that are based on the number of devices connected, active users, or transactions, or on data volume. Any additional use is then billed according to a usage-based pricing model.

Open and flexible

The Bosch IoT Suite is explicitly designed to support open, standards-based approaches to integrate with other domain specific services. The suite itself is also designed to be hosted in different ways to meet differing requirements with respect to cost, elastic scale, transparency and control: Bosch IoT Cloud, customer‘s own private cloud infrastructure, in a public cloud environment or in a hybrid configuration.



The Bosch IoT Suite supports innovative business models based on revenue sharing to minimize the business risk of our customers. It opens up cross domain business models by a consistent and systematic access to Bosch and 3rd party devices.


The subscription for Bosch IoT Suite services to be used in your individual IoT projects will just take minutes. New features and services can be delivered very quickly – independently from an overall Bosch IoT Suite release cycle. You can benefit from an excellent platform with high service availability to develop your IoT solutions.


Trusted and secure

In the interests of users and end customers, we pursue the highest standards of data privacy. Our data privacy policy requires us to provide users with a transparent overview of what data is generated and give them the option of deciding how their data is used. What’s more, data hosted by the Bosch IoT Cloud in Germany is subject to the German Data Protection Act.

The Bosch IoT Suite comes with comprehensive state-of-the-art security technology that can be used directly in application development. We focus particularly on the secure connection of sensors, actuators, and embedded systems, using encryption and a public key infrastructure (PKI). It is an area in which Bosch subsidiary ESCRYPT also brings its technology and expertise to bear to meet the IoT’s security and privacy requirements.