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The Bosch IoT Analytics services

Bosch IoT Suite Services

The Bosch IoT Suite services are tailor-made for use in IoT scenarios and address the most common requirements: reliably managing devices, machines, and gateways, providing secure access management, executing software roll-out processes, connecting third-party systems and services, and analyzing data.

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Bosch IoT Analytics services


Our analytics services make analyzing field data much simpler. In contrast to the usual, more project-oriented approach, our cloud services offer a cost-efficient way to address recurring analytics functions.


Anomaly detection services

Companies can use anomaly detection services to help them investigate problems that occur in their devices. These services can track problems over a period of time defined by the user. Thereafter, actions can be defined and automatically initiated to resolve the problem.


Practical example

Over the course of one season, a company can track anomalies in its fleet of connected lawn mowers. The data needed to do so includes messages about status changes and error alerts, which the lawn mowers send to the backend. On this basis, every week the company identifies the ten lawn mowers with the most anomalies. Lawn mowers that appear on this list over and over again are automatically tagged for special attention.

Anomaly Detection

In addition, experts analyze the anomalies found for suggestive patterns and group them into error categories. They then gradually assign actions for resolving the errors. So for example, a particular pattern of status changes can serve as an indication that the firmware on a certain device has to be updated, or that the device was not put into operation correctly. In the first case, one possible solution would be to actively push the latest firmware to the device in question. In the second case, a connection to customer service can be automatically established and the user can be advised by a service technician (incl. suggested appointments, prefilled forms).


Usage profiling service

Companies can engage our usage profiling service to determine typical usage patterns within a group of devices. In the example given above, this involves analyzing those functions of a connected lawn mower that are frequently used in conjunction with each other. This makes it possible to empirically review assumptions made regarding customer segmentation and target group preferences. What’s more, the service records details such as usage peaks, which can be correlated with external factors such as unusual weather conditions. Step by step, this process creates a semantically enriched calendar that can be precisely deployed in marketing actions. The usage data also provides valuable hints for redesigning devices.


Both Bosch IoT Analytics services are available in the Bosch IoT Cloud , and can also be used in another environment upon request.


Dr. Irene M. Cramer

Product Owner Bosch IoT Analytics

Phone +49 7545 202-471

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