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Bosch IoT Hub - reliable and secure messaging for device-related communication

Bosch IoT Suite Services

The Bosch IoT Suite services are tailor-made for use in IoT scenarios and address the most common requirements: reliably managing devices, machines, and gateways, providing secure access management, executing software roll-out processes, connecting third-party systems and services, and analyzing data.

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Bosch IoT Hub


The Bosch IoT Hub – a cloud service of the Bosch IoT Suite – allows reliable and secure messaging for device-related communication between services in an IoT platform and serves as attach point for various protocol connectors.


Service description

As a cloud service, the Bosch IoT Hub enables IoT solutions to send and receive device-related messages between services in the cloud uniformly and transparently. It supports flexible message exchange patterns, enabling scalable, reliable, and secure data ingestion (telemetry) as well as command and control messages.

Bosch IoT Hub

Benefits of the Bosch IoT Hub

  • Focused on device-related messaging between cloud services
  • Simple and flexible concepts and APIs
  • Message-content agnostic
  • Web-scale: high message throughput, low latency
  • Supports scalable, reliable, secure data ingestion and 'command and control'-type message exchange patterns
  • Fully-managed high quality cloud service: use instantly, low cost with support for customer growth model (pay-per-use), no upfront investment
  • Optional off-the-shelf integration with other Bosch IoT Suite services

If you have additional questions or want to evaluate this service, just get in touch with us via the contact form linked below.


Gerald Glocker

Gerald Glocker

Product Owner Bosch IoT Hub

Phone +49 7545 202-303

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Bosch IoT Hub

Find more information about the Bosch IoT Hub service in the

service documentation .