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Bosch IoT Remote Manager - off-the-shelf remote management of connected devices

Bosch IoT Suite Services

The Bosch IoT Suite services are tailor-made for use in IoT scenarios and address the most common requirements: reliably managing devices, machines, and gateways, providing secure access management, executing software roll-out processes, connecting third-party systems and services, and analyzing data.

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Bosch IoT Remote Manager


The Bosch IoT Remote Manager – a cloud service of the Bosch IoT Suite – provides a backend device management and monitoring system for various classes of gateways and devices. The Bosch IoT Remote Manager is based on ProSyst technology and comes with all of the features that are also available in the on-premise ProSyst mPRM product.


Features at a glance

Bosch IoT Remote Manager
  • Off-the-shelf remote device management (status, command, and control) of connected devices. Supported protocols: TR-069, OMA-DM and ProSyst mPRM messaging
  • Remote access (aka tunneling) from remote clients and application servers to connected devices (where supported by the management protocol)
  • Advanced gateway, device, and software management with mass management operations (bulk device configuration and provisioning), software repository (inventory of device software and configuration settings)
  • Web-based administration interface
  • End-to-end security (with user authentication and authorization, network communication, certificate management, etc.)
  • Platform, application & service life-cycle management (remote install, update, uninstall, configure - on the fly), firmware & file update, remote configuration & provisioning, remote monitoring & diagnostics (status checks, logging, monitoring, etc.), remote security administration
  • Management of IoT sensors and actuators connected to the device (e.g. status monitoring and remote operations)
  • Scalable, fault-tolerant, highly-available and monitored cloud service

If you have additional questions or want to evaluate this service, just get in touch with us via the contact form linked below.


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Bosch IoT Remote Manager

Find more information about the Bosch IoT Remote Manager (based on ProSyst mPRM) in the

product documentation .