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Bosch IoT Things - centrally managing data of things, devices, and assets

Bosch IoT Suite Services

The Bosch IoT Suite services are tailor-made for use in IoT scenarios and address the most common requirements: reliably managing devices, machines, and gateways, providing secure access management, executing software roll-out processes, connecting third-party systems and services, and analyzing data.

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Bosch IoT Things


Bosch IoT Things – a cloud service of the Bosch IoT Suite – allows all connected devices such as tools, cars, sensors, and other web-enabled things to be integrated into cloud services or other applications and to interact with each other. Specifically, that means that applications, other cloud services, and devices can manage their asset data and share it across IoT solutions. IoT solutions can store the data for further analysis, remotely request the change of properties for physical devices, and describe relationships of your domain’s IoT assets in a simple, convenient, robust, and secure manner.


Manage and organize your devices

With Bosch IoT Things, you can register, read, and update your devices using the lean – yet powerful – JSON REST API or the Java client. The REST API uses a sophisticated, fine-grained resource layout that allows you to address every single part of your device. Java client implementation is asynchronous and non-blocking.

In addition, Bosch IoT Things allows you to easily organize your devices by relating them to each other. Via relations, you can for example create hierarchies or meshes of things and enrich these relations with solution-specific semantics.

Bosch IoT Things

The scope of Bosch IoT Things


Search for and find your devices

Find your devices by searching for their dynamic properties (e.g. measured values), static attributes, or relations. For this purpose, Bosch IoT Things maintains a powerful search index and provides a simple and flexible way to describe filters and the pattern for presenting the results by API.

With every request, you can specify which parts of the devices you are actually interested in, and thus dramatically limit the amount of data that gets transferred. This speeds up applications that need to handle vast numbers of devices.


Communicate with your devices

Bosch IoT Things not only supports your IoT solution to manage the data and relationships of your connected devices, but also enables you to communicate securely with your physical devices that a “thing” might represent. Every “thing” is able to send messages to other things or applications and vice versa.

Solutions can subscribe to messages regarding data changes or defined lifecycle events of your things. Bosch IoT Things leverages the permissions you defined at the thing level as an access control list (ACL) when routing the messages to subscribers.


Do you have additional questions or want to evaluate this service? Get in touch with us using the contact form linked below.


Gerald Glocker

Gerald Glocker

Product Owner Bosch IoT Things

Phone +49 7545 202-303

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 Bosch IoT Things

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