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Implementation and Execution – connecting external services, systems, and devices

inubit BPM at McDonald's

"inubit BPM is able to deliver what our business needs. Thanks to XML technology and the many standard connectors it provides, Bosch Software Innovations’ BPM product offers optimal integration capability into technical systems."

Dieter Opitz, McDonald’s Deutschland Inc.

inubit BPM Release 7.2

Connecting external services, systems, and devices


inubit BPM offers almost unlimited options for implementing even the most complex SOA, EAI, and B2B scenarios: standard connectors and adapters supporting a wide range of different communication protocols are provided for the seamless integration. They are supplemented by a Format Adapter and a SDK for developing your own plug-ins.

Standard connectors and adapters


  • Systems: abas, AS/400/iSeries, AS4, Backup, Database, EDIINT AS1, EDIINT AS2, Execution, File, ftp (s), http (s), inubit, ITA, JAAS, Java Reflection, JMS, LDAP, Livelink, Mail, MS Exchange, MS MQ, OFTP Classic v1, OFTP Classic v2, OFTP Light v1, OFTP Light v2, Open Office, OSCI, REST, RFID, RosettaNet, SAP, SAPERION, Secrypt, Selenium, SNMP, TCP/IP, UC4, VFS, Visual Rules Execution, WebDAV, WebServices, WebSphere MQ, X.400SE
  • Format Adapter/Data Converter: Barcode Generator, Excel, FlatFile, GAEB, MIME, PDF-Package, SMIME, ZUGFeRD

inubit BPM supports a variety of different communication modes, whether push/pull, synchronous/asynchronous, event-driven or time-driven. It also supports the use of electronic signatures and the integration of fax, SMS, voicemail, and RFID solutions. Documents can be generated in PDF/PDF-A, RTF, or PostScript formats. User-friendly functions are provided for the encryption and decryption of data and for the packing and unpacking of zipped files. This is the basis for the support of the ZUGFeRD standard as well.

Third-party systems can also be optimally integrated via a decentralized Remote Connector. And the embedded Partner Management function allows you to manage numerous types of master data and contact details for a large number of business partners.

Another significant advantage of inubit BPM is its powerful testing and debugging both at the level of individual modules and across different levels in the form of unit tests.