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Business Process Management with inubit BPM – inubit BPM add-ons

inubit BPM at Fiducia IT AG

"The processes we’ve implemented to date using inubit BPM and Visual Rules BRM have yielded huge savings – we have shaved an average of 45 minutes off process runtimes. Given a potential 300,000 processes taking place at our customers worldwide, that adds up to time savings in excess of 25,000 working days per year."

Gerd Müller, Fiducia & GAD IT AG

inubit BPM Release 7.2

inubit BPM add-ons: practical solutions for inubit BPM users


inubit BPM add-ons are standardized, standalone products that build on inubit BPM and provide industry-neutral solutions geared toward specific processes and topics. Taken from practice for use in practice, the add-ons are the product of successful projects and offer best-practice solutions that have already proved themselves many times over in everyday applications.

Process Monitor

Process Monitor 6.0/6.1

The inubit BPM add-on Process Monitor allows you to monitor and control the functions of business processes. Process Monitor takes functional data relating to business processes (for instance, current process status) and saves this to a database in XML format, making it available to specialist users on the Enterprise Portal. Not only are users able to view information, they can also actively control processes – in other words, functionally intervene in a process, restarting it or displaying and editing data.

  • Flexible configuration of visual representation of detailed information and process history
  • Expandability – any functional information can be logged
  • Download of reference files relating to processes
  • Control of processes (start, stop, restart) via event buttons
  • Linking of process steps with specialist processes (business process diagrams)

External Interface

The inubit BPM add-on External Interface offers a web service interface for externally controlling inubit BPM tasks using any desired client from a variety of technologies, including the likes of Google WebToolkit, .NET, Adobe Flex, and JSF. Task processing is taken over by the Process Engine of inubit BPM, meaning that you can use all of inubit BPM’s integration and B2B functionalities.

  • Set up tasks for one or more roles or users
  • Recall task list and task details for a given user
  • Lock tasks for specific users/roles so that tasks can be edited by a single user
  • Unlock, delete, confirm, and delegate tasks (assigned to predefined roles and/or users)
  • Update task data