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Business Process Management with inubit BPM - Monitoring and Reporting

BPM at Fiducia IT AG

"The processes we’ve implemented to date using inubit BPM and Visual Rules BRM have yielded huge savings – we have shaved an average of 45 minutes off process runtimes. Given a potential 300,000 processes taking place at our customers worldwide, that adds up to time savings in excess of 25,000 working days per year."

Gerd Müller, Fiducia & GAD IT AG

inubit BPM Release 7.2

Monitoring and Reporting: keeping your finger on the pulse


To enable you to evaluate and optimize processes from both a business and a technical perspective, inubit BPM collects process data and makes it available in real time. As well as visualizing actual data from the processes, these data can also be analyzed in various ways by means of key performance indicators (KPIs). This provides management and business users with valuable, up-to-date information whenever necessary.

Business Reporting

Business Reporting

The Report Viewer displays the reports created in the Workbench. Visualized as personalized dashboards, users can gain a quick overview of the relevant business information. All information available in the Enterprise Portal is linked to the underlying process models. This makes it easy for users to put the information in the process context.

The Process Data Logger permits process data to be obtained flexibly from running process instances. These data can then be compared against target data from the process model. Animated diagrams are used to visualize the collected process data. More detailed information can be obtained via drill-down functions.

The Process Monitor enables you to monitor processes at the business level through flexible visualization in the Enterprise Portal, including status displays using a traffic light system and drill-down, sorting, and filter functions.


Technical Monitoring

Technical Monitoring

inubit BPM ensures the technical traceability of processes by means of comprehensive logging and monitoring functions.

The Queue Manager enables you to view the status of all queued processes (e.g. waiting to execute or started but not yet completed) anywhere in the cluster. It also allows these processes to be halted, restarted, continued or deleted.

In the System Log, technical workflows and system processes that have already been executed are displayed together with detailed information for each logged item such as status, priority, and process ID.

The Audit Log records all administrative actions that users execute on the server (e.g. login/logout) as well as changes to module and workflow configurations.