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Business Rules Management with Visual Rules - Components

Business Rules Management with Visual Rules BRM
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Tools and Components: empowering users


Visual Rules contains powerful tools and components for creating, managing, optimizing and running business logic for all of your applications. They support business and IT experts alike, whose common goal is to automate high-quality business rules as the base for enterprise decision management - with a distinctly shortened time-to-market.

Visual Rules Modeler

  • Intuitive graphical modeling of rules, decision tables and state flows
  • Integrated test and simulation management
  • Detailed execution statistics
  • Test execution and debugging in graphical model
  • Rule documentation generated as HTML, DOC and PDF


Visual Rules Builder

  • Automation of code generation, test execution and rule deployment
  • Ant tasks and Maven plug-ins for integration into existing build and deployment processes

Visual Rules DatabaseIntegrator

  • Standardized access to relational databases, including transaction control
  • Easy generation of executable programs for the rule-based analysis and processing of all types of data (e.g. in a data warehouse)


Visual Rules Team Platform

  • Centralized rule repository
  • Version control for rules and other documents
  • User- and team-based access control with audit log and automatic or manual locking
  • Recyclable rules and data models

Visual Rules Execution Platform

  • Hot deployment for replacing changed rules without interruption and storing them in a rule artifact database
  • Deploying several rule versions as web services
  • Dynamic identification of suitable rule models for service requests and metadata support
  • Recording of call history, including statistics
  • Configurable access control, including for web service requests
  • Can be integrated directly into own applications as Java library (Execution Core)


Visual Rules Batch Platform

  • Designed for batch processing scenarios of any kind
  • Powerful, transparent mass data processing
  • Rules for interactive scenarios can be reused