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Business Rules Management with Visual Rules - Visual Rules Batch Platform

Business Rules Management with Visual Rules BRM
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Visual Rules Batch Platform: rule-based mass data processing


Business rules that are used in interactive applications can now also be applied in non-interactive bulk data processing scenarios, by using Visual Rules Batch Platform. This recycling of business rules saves time and effort when creating batch jobs and ensures the consistency of the processing logic and the quality of the processing results. Visual Rules Batch Platform enables massively parallel and distributed processing of rules on mass data and provides full clustering support where needed. Visual Rules Batch Platform extends the Spring Batch framework with Visual Rules rule technology.

Business users can now implement batch jobs graphically by simply using the Visual Rules rule modeling functions. But rules are not a necessary component, i.e. batch jobs without rule calls can also be defined using the Visual Rules Batch Platform.

Application scenarios

  • Automated claims processing
  • Credit assessment
  • Creating data marts for a data warehouse on a regular basis (e.g. as preparation for data mining)


Visual Rules BRM Batch Platform

Quick Facts

  • Parallelization by using threads or cluster nodes
  • Seamless integration into existing applications modeled with Visual Rules
  • Sequential or concurrent processing steps
  • Simple configuration with the Spring Batch domain language
  • Diverse processing strategies (chunking vs. partitioning)
  • Shipped with executable preconfigured job examples