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Business Rules Management with Visual Rules - Visual Rules Builder

Business Rules Management with Visual Rules BRM
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Visual Rules Builder: company-wide rule change management


With Visual Rules Builder, Visual Rules provides enterprise functionality that automates the build process and quality management in order to meet the high demand for agility of business logic. At the same time the Visual Rules Builder ensures that only error free and accurate rules are applied in production.

Agility needs quality assurance

  • Sophisticated configuration management, especially for large-scale IT projects
  • Accompany the whole life cycle of business rules with build tools
  • Consistency of multiple development, test and production environments

Quality management throughout the rule

  • Check in and out rule versions from repository and mark them as “unchangeable” (Tagging)
  • Validation of rule models
  • Generate executable Java code
  • Check generated program codes against defined test cases
  • Only successfully tested rules are automatically put into productive use

Automating the build process

  • Build process is fully automated and logged
  • Deployable into existing Ant- or Maven-based build processes

Visual Rules BRM Builder

Quick Facts

  • Complete automation of the whole build, test, tag and deploy cycle
  • Test automation and logging to ensure high quality standards
  • Based on the java standards Apache Ant and Apache Maven
  • Seamless integration of rules into existing build and deployment processes