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Business Rules Management with Visual Rules - Visual Rules DatabaseIntegrator

Business Rules Management with Visual Rules BRM
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Visual Rules DatabaseIntegrator: model your data access instead of programming


Visual Rules DatabaseIntegrator extends the graphical modeling of business logic with database operations and comprehensive transaction control. Direct access to metadata of the database facilitates rule modeling.

This significantly increases productivity when developing rule-based systems that use operational databases or data warehouses.

Rule Editor with flow rule using database operations

Rule Editor with flow rule using database operations

Data Access and Transaction Control

  • Easy-to-use editor for direct database access from rule models
  • Actions for database operations (insert, select, update, delete, etc.)
  • Simultaneous access to multiple databases via JNDI and JDBC
  • Dynamic queries with parameterized SQL statements
  • Control of local transactions explicitly within the rule model
  • Global transactions via JTA on Java EE Application Servers

Import of Metadata

  • Wizard for automated mapping of database to rule data
  • Simple generation of data types directly from tables or queries
  • Data objects can instantly be used for further modeling

Visual Rules BRM DatabaseIntegrator

Quick Facts

  • Call stored procedures and functions
  • All established relational databases and application servers are supported