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Business Rules Management with Visual Rules - Visual Rules Execution Platform

Business Rules Management with Visual Rules BRM
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Visual Rules Execution Platform: company-wide, agile rules management

Visual Rules Execution Platform

Visual Rules Execution Platform provides a centralized rule deployment and execution environment that allows rules to be easily integrated into many applications running on any platform. Hot deployment capabilities ensure that new rule versions are made available with zero downtime.

Execution Server


Rules as web services and dynamic routing

  • Provision of rules as standard web services with clearly structured interfaces (WSDL and REST, XML/JSON)
  • Full support of SOA integration standards, also for .NET based or heterogeneous systems
  • Management of the provided rules and the call history via web console
  • Configurable access control to manage and call in of web services
  • Meta data and routing rules can be fully customized
  • Dynamic routing of rule requests to the valid and activated rule version from the underlying artifact storage (database)

Scalable rule execution and history

  • Maximum performance without any interference due to generated code
  • Optimal scalability up to cluster ability through the corresponding application servers
  • Configurable recording of rule execution (including execution statistics)
  • Display of logs directly within the rule model to consistently comply with existing regulations (compliance)

Execution Core


The Execution Core serves as a Java interface to the programmatic rules management. As core of the Visual Rules Execution Platform, it allows dynamically the direct integration of rule model versions into Java applications. In this way, you can change business rules without interruptions and downtime within the continuing application.

Visual Rules Execution Core
  • Java interface for hot deployment, rules management and execution
  • Rules provision as Java Rules Services
  • Versioned rules storing in the artifact storage (databases)
  • Dynamic class loading of different rule model versions