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Business Rules Management with Visual Rules - Visual Rules Modeler

Business Rules Management with Visual Rules BRM
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Visual Rules Modeler: optimize your rules lifecycle


The Visual Rules Modeler is the principle component of our BRM software. It provides graphical tools to accomplish all steps of the rules modeling and management process, consistently providing a unique, intuitive graphical approach.

In addition to rule modeling, Visual Rules Modeler also enables a clear rule structuring and versioning. Once rules have been modeled graphically, they can be tested immediately and tried out in extensive simulation scenarios.

Graphical rule modeling

Rule editor with flow rule

  • Powerful modeling of flow rules, decision tables and event-driven state flows
  • Zero set-up effort before rule modeling: import existing data models or let Visual Rules automatically generate your business object model from rule expressions
  • Rapid implementation and change of rules
  • Reuse of rules and data models across projects

Rule structuring and versioning

Dependency graph

  • Dependency analysis between rule packages, rules and data in automatically generated dependency diagrams and data usage matrices
  • Structure rules to stay transparent, even with large and complex rule base
  • Hierarchically structure large rule projects with rule packages
  • Always deliver rules respectively their current version
  • Stable Build-, Test- and Deployment Process on the base of managed versions
  • Audit proof documentation of all rule changes in an Audit Log – if needed, all levels can be reproduced at any time
  • Graphical version comparing and merging

Rule tests and documentation

Rule editor with flow rule and statistics

  • Analysis on deterministic runtime within the rule execution and creation of profiling statistics
  • Create multiple test cases easily and execute them immediately
  • Integrated Test Management: analysis on rules functioning on the basis of test cases
  • Complete logging of rule execution and guaranteed audit capability
  • Graphical debugging of business rules: placing of break points and single-stepping with access to the underlying data repository
  • Easy analysis of test execution and coverage due to graphic highlighting
  • Automatic rule documentation (formats: HTML, DOC and PDF)
  • Analyze and monitor executed rules within the graphical interface