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Business Rules Management with Visual Rules - Visual Rules Team Platform

Business Rules Management with Visual Rules BRM
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Visual Rules Team Platform: efficient rules management in a team


Business and IT experts collaborate efficiently with Visual Rules Team Platform. This central rule repository supports the entire process from rule change to production along with a role-based approval process to ensure that only consolidated and qualified rule changes get into production.

Adjustable build processes to automate rule builds, testing, and deployment, as well as detailed reports and e-mail notifications are featured to document the constantly ongoing rule change process.

The extended web console of Visual Rules Team Platform gives you detailed control over the rule change process.

Be Agile – Be Secure: central rule repository

  • Setup and monitor automated rule validations and test scenario executions
  • Use detailed test reports and audit logs to approve any rule changes that were made
  • Watch trends in test coverage and other metrics
  • Promote new rules to an integration test environment or to production
  • Browse and publish rule, data type and function libraries for reuse in your enterprise
Visual Rules BRM Team Platform

Efficient and traceable teamwork

  • Central repository and coordinated editing of rule models by multiple users
  • Web console to manage rule estates (including search function and versioning)
  • Logging of user data, time specification, resources
  • Graphical compare of aggregated log-data

Reuse and granular access controll

  • Management of version-specific reuse of rule models
  • User, group, and role-based authorization system
  • Integration of existing LDAP or ActiveDirectory-Server

Automated build process

  • Automated build processes with different trigger options (manually, time- and event-controlled)
  • Automatic resolve of dependencies between rule projects (integrated maven plugins)
  • Detailed test reports including test coverage metrics and auditing capabilities are supporting the approval of rule changes