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Business Rules Management with Visual Rules - Administration and Deployment

Visual Rules BRM at DHL Global Mail

"Instead of 2,000 lines of spaghetti code, we've now implemented the USPS price catalog in the form of readable modules that are validated by business experts. We now have a full understanding of the implemented regulations – and what’s more, we can quickly implement any changes."

Robert Werner, DHL Global Mail

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Administration and Deployment: efficient, secure, swift


Working on new rules or rule changes in a team calls for special tools, methods and processes. At the same time, it is essential that only those rules that are both error free and correctly fulfill the specific business objective make their way into production. Fortunately, Visual Rules features and tools cover all these needs.


Rules Administration in a team

Rules Deployment in a team

Visual Rules Team Platform repository

Visual Rules Team Platform coordinates the simultaneous editing of rule models by several authors and manages access rights for groups, users and tenants.

In addition to rules, tests and documentation, the platform allows you to manage as many other documents as you like within rule projects, which makes them, centrally available in their respective versions to all project participants. You can graphically compare and merge different versions at the push of a button.

Visual Rules Team Platform build management

Deployment is carried out either manually with Visual Rules Modeler or automated as part of a build process. Automated deployment can be configured and monitored in Visual Rules Team Platform or using Visual Rules Builder, which is integrated into the build processes. Both approaches enable rule versions to be deployed on the Visual Rules Execution Platform without downtime (i.e. hot deployment).


Business/IT Alignment


As a unique cooperation platform, Visual Rules has been shown to reduce development time and costs by up to 50%, while cutting maintenance time and costs by up to 90%. It supports the clear separation of roles between business and IT departments, creating a new model of cooperation within companies and beyond.