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How IoT helps create a connected retail store

The Bosch IoT Suite helps retailers build retail IoT applications, improve operational excellence, and enhance customer experience.
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How retailers benefit from IoT

IoT and digitization support retailers to build a connected store in order to increase customer satisfaction and reduce operational costs.

Operational excellence

Automated 24/7 monitoring of store equipment reduces manual inspection. Use one single dashboard to monitor all of your equipment.

Customer satisfaction

Better service thanks to higher availability of staff. Create an enhanced shopping experience with advance identification of problems.

Reduced cost

Less manual work for store employees. Reduce food wastage thanks to better climate control and monitoring of cooling systems.

IoT in retail helps improve operational excellence and customer experience

Cost and customer satisfaction are critical factors for the retail industry. In response to these challenges, it is turning more and more to IoT technology. Our latest retail projects – which we have designed with the Bosch IoT Suite – show how a connected store can make processes more efficient, reduce costs, and improve the shopping experience for customers.

In particular, food stores are subject to some of the biggest dampeners of the retail experience, such as long waiting lines, unavailable personnel, or insufficient parking for customers. By leveraging retail IoT applications, stores can tackle these challenges.

The Bosch IoT Suite – the Bosch Group’s core IoT platform – provides retailers with all the IoT software services needed to create a connected store: on the one hand, the Bosch IoT Suite connects and unifies a highly heterogeneous device landscape; on the other, it reduces time-consuming manual inspection tasks thanks to automated monitoring and alerting features.

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Bosch IoT Suite for retailers

The Bosch IoT Suite is our comprehensive software platform for IoT projects. It incorporates Bosch’s domain know-how and is therefore the perfect match for retail IoT applications. In general, the Bosch IoT Suite consists of several cloud services that run on various cloud environments such as the Bosch IoT Cloud and Microsoft Azure. Our retail customers can therefore pick the services they need for their project and choose which cloud environment they wish to use.

Areas of application

24/7 monitoring: a combination of Bosch IoT Remote Manager, Bosch IoT Gateway Software, and Bosch IoT Insights allows retailers to send device data into the cloud and process them there.

Notifications: data can be collected via Bosch IoT Gateway Software (running locally within the store network), sent to the cloud via Bosch IoT Remote Manager, and then processed by Bosch IoT Insights, which will trigger a notification.

Time-critical notifications: with Bosch IoT Gateway Software, we are able to run several rules and logics on the edge to ensure real- time notifications. This avoids latencies in case of time-critical use cases.

Reporting: Bosch IoT Insights sends device data to internal data-storage systems for further analysis or proof of legal compliance.

Dashboards: Bosch IoT Insights processes and visualizes the data stored in the cloud. The service unifies the data of different device manufacturers in one single dashboard.

Device management: Bosch IoT Remote Manager remotely manages various classes of gateways and devices.

Firmware and software updates: Bosch IoT Rollouts enables remote updates of device fleets without manual interaction. Automatic updates can be run for a large number of devices spanning an entire region, device class, or IP range.

Consolidation of device landscape: Bosch IoT Suite is a rich connectivity solution for heterogeneous device landscapes.

Level of security: within an independent user survey by teknowlogy Group, Bosch Software Innovations is perceived as the provider offering the most secure IoT platform among all the platforms.

The connected store

In our discussions with food retailers about the challenges of digitalization, we gain insights into how they plan to leverage IoT applications. Together, we then identify and evaluate the use cases they can implement in order to increase customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. Below, we share some of our best use cases with you. Please feel free to contact us for further information or other use cases.

Cooling system monitoring

The Bosch IoT Suite enables an automated monitoring system that works 24/7 and eliminates manual inspections. The system is able to remotely monitor and log temperature, humidity, and air pressure, and to trigger a notification in case of malfunctions. As a result, store employees have more time available to focus on customer service, food wastage is reduced, and status reports can be used for legal compliance.

The Bosch IoT Suite enables IoT-based monitoring of refrigeration and cooling systems in connected retail stores

Reverse vending machine monitoring

The Bosch IoT Suite includes a cost-efficient function for the status monitoring of connected devices such as reverse vending machines. Once the machine becomes 80 percent full, the system sends a push notification via email, text message, or a mobile app to an employee of the retail store. This advance notification helps avoid waiting lines and dissatisfaction on the part of the customer.

The Bosch IoT Suite enables IoT-based monitoring of your reverse vending machines.

Energy and building monitoring

The Bosch IoT Suite monitors the temperature data from environmental sensors. The in-store HVAC systems can be adjusted in line with actual weather conditions. In addition, temperature data can be analyzed across stores in order to assess if some need additional refrigeration in order to reduce the amount of spoilage of fruit and vegetables.

With the Bosch IoT Suite, you can optimize the energy and building technology of your connected retail.

Parking lot monitoring

The Bosch IoT Suite identifies cars that have been parked over a longer period of time and most likely do not belong to customers. The system notifies store personnel, who can then take appropriate action. In case of fully occupied parking lots, the system informs the store manager or the information desk that additional checkouts should be opened in order to reduce waiting time and improve customer satisfaction.

The Bosch IoT Suite enables IoT-based managing and monitoring of the parking lots of your connected retail.

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