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Sensor Cloud
Industry 4.0: Sensors + Software + Services

Sensor Cloud: Enabler for sensor-based solutions

The Sensor Cloud acts as your and our enabler for successfully implementing your sensor-based manufacturing or logistics solution.
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Sensor Cloud: Enabler for sensor-based Industry 4.0 solutions

From sensor to service, the Sensor Cloud is the enabler for implementing your manufacturing or logistics solution quickly and securely.

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Critical to a sensor-based solution’s success is the genuine benefits it delivers. We support you in implementing your solution with our industry and logistics experience and our sensor and cloud expertise.

The basis of all this is our Sensor Cloud Solution Blueprint. It features a pool of tried-and-tested micro services that gives us the components we need to quickly put together secure solutions – and scale them later on according to requirements. The micro service architecture is easily adapted to future needs and grows in line with your requirements.

We identify the sensor technology that fits your use case, and ensure that this can communicate securely with the cloud using suitable standards such as IO-Link, LWM2M, MQTT, REST, PPMP, or OPC-UA. If required, we can also integrate smart gateways.

The Sensor Cloud in action

Connected Tool Management: A plug & play manufacturing solution

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Many production tools lack reliable information as to their precise location, condition, and when they must be serviced or replaced. In the case of costly tools in particular, it can quickly pay off to fit the tools with sensors so that the relevant data can be evaluated via the Sensor Cloud. This way, manufacturing experts can be actively supplied with the information they need, for instance by notifications delivered to their smartwatch.

The Connected Tool Management solution helps manufacturing companies to maintain transparency when it comes to the performance, condition, and location of tools in operation – allowing them to optimize scheduled maintenance and keep an overview of lead times and production quantities.

We offer Connected Tool Management as a plug & play solution.

Video: Tool monitoring easily explained Molding Tool Manager
14,000 euros

In injection molding, the Connected Tool Management solution delivers savings of 14,000 euros per tool.

Further sensor-based solutions

Plug-and-play transparency along the supply chain

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Sensor-based manufacturing solutions
Bring your plant and machinery into the era of Industry 4.0. Connect machines and tools using Bosch sensors, manage sensors via the Sensor Cloud, and undertake your first data analysis. Make use of our other Industry 4.0 solutions to conduct more comprehensive analysis and receive automated recommendations.
Production Performance Manager >

Sensor-based logistics solutions
From procurement, production, and distribution logistics to disposal, the Sensor Cloud is your enabler for implementing your sensor-based logistics solution. What is more, Bosch offers a wide range of application-specific sensors. Come to us for the whole range of sensors, software, and services.

Typical applications include:

  • Seamless supply chain monitoring and tracking for sensitive and valuable goods (outbound logistics)
  • Monitoring from supplier to manufacturer (inbound logistics)
  • Optimization of logistics processes in manufacturing alliances (inter-logistics, intralogistics)
  • Geo-localization of mobile assets (tracking & tracing)
    Geo-IoT: Monitoring of mobile assets >

4 steps from sensor to solution

Use Bosch as your full-service partner, from determining requirements to designing and implementing your tailored sensor-based manufacturing and logistics solution. For the design phase, we use tried-and-tested techniques, such as the lean start-up approach (UC Berkeley) or the Business Model Innovation Framework, so that the design is perfectly tailored to the user’s needs every step of the way.

Business Model Innovation

1. Identify use cases
where your sensor data can create a high value. Build a business model around it. Be clear about customers, value proposition, and interest of stakeholders.

2. Make sure your idea works in real life.
Are suitable sensors available? Can you get connectivity? Is it practical? Are there any show stoppers?

3. Build a minimum viable product
and give it to first customers. Do they get the expected benefits? Get feedback to ramp up your solution and start selling.

4. Extend your MVP into a scalable solution.
Populate your cloud with new customers and functionality.

Data protection, security, and privacy?

With Bosch you are in safe hands. We ensure secure and confidential handling of the data you entrust to us. You can also rely on us to operate your solution safely and securely, and to take care of availability, scalability, and security.
You enjoy all the benefits with no need to worry about the IT.

Why are we the perfect partner for implementing your solution?

When should you choose Bosch and the Sensor Cloud to implement your sensor-based manufacturing and logistics solution?

You need short time-to-market.
Your solution has to be implemented quickly. Standard timeframes of up to 2 years are too long.

The solution has to be able to scale with your business depending on the need.
Start small and successful, and scale quickly as you see results. No initial investment – just pay-per-use.

Proof of concept must be as non-invasive as possible, without impacting on network infrastructure.
We have the connectivity technology to enable this at the PoC stage and beyond. Benefit from a retrofit that doesn’t require a total overhaul of your IT infrastructure.

Amounts of data must remain manageable.
Pre-processing at the sensors or gateway is vital – and is optimized to suit your application. Typically, our customers start off with rules-based processing in the cloud before gradually shifting pre-processing towards gateways and the sensors themselves.

The sensors must be able to cope with challenging manufacturing conditions.
Each sensor stack is individually designed and made for reliability. In other words, they are industry proven.

The retrofit has to be plug & play.
The Connected Tool Management solution takes just 15 seconds to collect the first data. That’s how easy it can be.

Your benefits at a glance.

Make use of our full-service expertise and Bosch’s comprehensive portfolio of sensors, software, and services.

+ Highest levels of security
Bosch infrastructure, ethical standards, and IoT principles guarantee the highest levels of security for your sensor-based solution.

+ Industry proven technology
With Bosch’s leading sensors, you benefit from tried-and-tested technology and implemented standards (IO-Link, LWM2M, OPC-UA, etc.) that guarantee a short time to market for your solution and secure implementation with plenty of benefits.

+ Enabling new services and business models
Bosch and the Sensor Cloud are your enablers for implementing sensor-based solutions and your new business model.

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