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Sensor Cloud
Sensor data for even more intelligence

The Bosch Sensor Cloud: a solution for sensor-based services

Our Sensor Cloud is the basis for connecting your products, analyzing sensor data, and providing new services.

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Bosch Sensor Cloud: our solution for sensor-based Industry 4.0 services

Our Sensor Cloud is the basis for providing new services in manufacturing and logistics.

In the era of Industry 4.0, there are countless new and profitable ways of setting yourself apart from your competitors – we help you make them a reality. Together, we can equip your products with additional intelligence and connect them. Thanks to new technologies, we can also jointly develop new services.
The foundation for all of that consists of existing data sources and sensor data combined with a secure, high-performance platform capable of consolidating and evaluating a full range of data. Here is where the Sensor Cloud by Bosch Software Innovations offers a great many opportunities. It lets you connect your products, conduct data analyses, and offer new, industry-specific services.

Bosch Sensor Cloud in practice

Sensors are integrated in different ways, depending on the use case at hand.

Integration of sensors into a sensor cloud for sensor-based services Icon lens
How can sensors for sensor-based services be integrated into a Sensor Cloud?

Sensors can be integrated into Sensor Cloud directly or using a gateway. A user-friendly interface makes it possible to manage, configure, and evaluate sensors and sensor data.

Case study: a tool-monitoring service

At present, for many tools in a production facility, there is no reliable means of documenting where they are at any given moment. Likewise, there is no dependable way to monitor a tool’s status or condition – or determine when it should be maintained or replaced. Here’s where Bosch comes in, with a solution for equipping tools with suitable sensors and then using a sensor cloud to collect and evaluate relevant data. This approach pays off quickly, especially for expensive tools. Tool-monitoring services developed based on this concept help manufacturers to achieve transparency regarding the performance, condition, and location of tools in use. This allows companies to optimize maintenance as well as monitor cycle times and production output – to name just two examples.

Use cases for the Bosch Sensor Cloud

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Sensor Cloud: the basis for sensor-based services in manufacturing and logistics

Sensor-based manufacturing services
Get your machines and equipment ready for Industry 4.0. You can connect machines and tools with Bosch sensors, manage the sensors in our Sensor Cloud, and then use the data collected to conduct initial analyses. For further analysis and automated decision support, see our full Industry 4.0 solution portfolio.

Sensor-based logistics services
The Bosch Sensor Cloud is the ideal basis for sensor-based logistics services: from procurement to production, from sales to waste disposal. Bosch also offers a broad range of use-specific sensors. This means you stand to benefit from our comprehensive portfolio of sensors, software, and services. Typical use cases include:

  • documentation of supply chains and uninterrupted monitoring for sensitive and expensive freight (outbound logistics)
  • monitoring of items between supplier and manufacturer (inbound logistics)
  • optimization of logistics processes in manufacturing networks (interlogistics and intralogistics)
  • geolocation and monitoring of mobile assets (tracking and tracing)

For sensor manufacturers: the Bosch Sensor Cloud as a white-label solution
As a manufacturer of sensors, you can add the Bosch Sensor Cloud to your portfolio of solutions. This allows you to manage and maintain your customers’ sensors as well as offer them additional services made possible by our Sensor Cloud.

Universal platform
Do you need a single platform that can handle and evaluate a remarkably wide range of sensors from different manufacturers? If so, then the Bosch Sensor Cloud is the perfect universal system for your needs.

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Your checklist for getting started

Before you begin your project on the development of sensor-based services, please first examine our checklist of key points.

Integration capacity
Sensor-based services make use of data from a great many sources. Determine which on-demand self-services and marketplaces you will need for your sensor-based services. In addition, identify those application programming interfaces (API) and open standards that are important to you.

Data security
To ensure compliance with security and data-protection standards, make sure that your partners and your technologies meet the same standards. The Bosch cloud complies with the highest standards.

Scalability and cost-benefit optimization
Whenever possible, predefined standards (e.g., IoLink) and services constitute a solid foundation.

To develop new sensor-based services in production and logistics, you need high availability of infrastructure services and a clear service level agreement (SLA) for disaster recovery. Make certain that these requirements are met: multitenancy, multidevice, multiservice, and multiversion.

Implementation of customer requirements
Does your partner possess the domain expertise that you need for your sensor-based services?

Be sure to rely on proven technology standards. Your apps and solutions must therefore be tailored to cloud-native microservices.

Your benefits at a glance

Rely on Bosch’s broad expertise and comprehensive range of sensors, software, and services.

Proven technology
Thanks to Bosch’s leading expertise in sensor technology, you will benefit from proven technology and numerous sensor standards (e.g. IoLink) that enable fast time to market.

No upfront investment required
We offer a usage-based pricing model tailored to your business needs. It is therefore unnecessary to invest anything in advance toward developing your new sensor-based services.

Enabling new services and business models
Make Bosch your partner for sensor-based services and your consultant for new business models. Why not look at our support for business model innovation?

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