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A Guide for Industrial Providers
A guide for industrial providers

How to create new Industry 4.0 products

15 hypotheses and success factors for creating new Industry 4.0 products and services.
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A guide for industrial providers: How to create new Industry 4.0 products

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15 hypotheses and success factors for creating new Industry 4.0 products and services

What are the essential measures for creating new Industry 4.0 products? What role do business model innovation and the user play? To answer these very questions, we interviewed various partners who offer Industry 4.0 products themselves.

In the past few years, numerous industrial users have discovered the potential IoT technologies offer them. But what about the providers? How do they compare? New products and services are emerging based on newly acquired knowledge about the condition, use, performance, and location of machines, as well as connected tools and systems.

What role do new business models play? What role does the user or the customer play in the design of these new offers?

We asked nine providers and partners from the industrial sector what measures they consider target-oriented for the design of new Industry 4.0 products. We also asked them how their organizations are pursuing digital transformation.

You can find the results of our survey in the whitepaper. Fifteen hypotheses, derived from the collected knowledge of the experts surveyed, reveal the experience of a broad spectrum of industrial providers that you can use for your own initiatives.

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"Today, we are increasingly relying on the analysis of the many data from the field to identify usage patterns and optimize our services."
Andreas Kleiner, Project Manager at Bühler