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IoT Business Consulting

IoT Business Model Workshops
  • IoT Business Models

    Why should we care about IoT business models?


    IoT projects are highly complex, so it is crucial for initiatives to have a solid foundation right from the beginning. By jointly developing business models with the most relevant stakeholders, we can create one target picture for all contributing parties. We streamline all these efforts in order to maximize customer benefit. And since business models are exposed to uncertainty, risks have to be minimized. That’s why we make a point of validating assumptions early on against customer expectations and market acceptance.

    What makes IoT business models different from traditional ones?

    We are observing a move from conventional, linear value streams to value creation within a network of stakeholders; this calls for new ways of visualizing value streams within the ecosystem. It also means that, when defining business models, the focus has to shift from the company level to the ecosystem level so that all stakeholders streamline their efforts to maximize benefits for target groups. We believe that the logic of business models must honor the importance of partners in the ecosystem; they need an explicit value proposition .

    Why us?

    The Internet of Things combines the physical world with the virtual world. Bosch is already well-established in both, creating reliable products of superior quality that contain a significant amount of software. With its IoT platform, Bosch Software Innovations is perfectly suited to deliver the key benefit offered by the Internet of Things: connecting users, business partners, devices, machines, and enterprise systems with each other.

    • We bundle IT know-how with domain knowledge, making solutions more feasible and business cases more accurate.
    • Solution experts are involved in the business model development phase, thus streamlining business and IT.
    • We deliver methods proven in practice, based on the latest research results

    Do you want to get more information?

    Contact Veronika Brandt for more information

    Veronika Brandt

    Head of IoT Business Consulting

    Phone +49 30 726 112 373

    Video on IoT Business Model Workshops
  • Tools & Methods

    How do we guide you from idea to business model evaluation?


    Jointly with experts from university St. Gallen we have collected best practice for developing IoT business models. In our whitepaper, we explain tools that help to identify, define and evaluate business models that deliver lasting success. Within the overall context of IoT strategic planning, we support the following phases with different methods:

    • Ideation
    • Preparation
    • Evaluation
    • Initiation

    The IoT Business Model BuiIder illustrates recommended tools that facilitate the process of developing business models.

    IoT Business Model Builder - Developing business models

    Industrial Internet Consortium: Business Strategy and Innovation Framework


    IIC Whitpaper preview

    The Business Strategy and Innovation Framework is the most in-depth Industrial IoT-focused business strategy framework comprising expert vision, experience and business strategy best practices from IIC members, including Bosch Software Innovations, InterDigital, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, and Machina Research.


    Historically, most IT business cases were analyzed on a standalone basis, not in the context of an overall enterprise strategy. For an IIoT business case, an enterprise must consider how its business might perform should it decide not to adopt IIoT concepts. It must also ‘share’ the costs of developing generic IIoT capabilities among current and future IIoT projects. Often, the business cases that underpin IIoT projects are more analyses of existential questions than simple analyses of costs and revenues.

    Do you want to use the Business Strategy and Innovation Framework to capitalize on opportunities emerging within the IoT?


    Whitepaper: The IoT Business Model Builder



    Together with experts from the University St. Gallen we have published a whitepaper explaining our developed methodology.


    The Internet of Things is becoming more and more important in many domains. Because in many cases it has the power to create completely new value propositions, new business models have to be designed for new IoT solutions. In the whitepaper presented here we define business models according to Osterwalder and Pigneur (2010) as “the rationale of how an organization creates, delivers and captures value.” While there is extensive literature available related to business model innovation (e.g., Gassmann et al., 2014) and IoT-induced business opportunities (e.g., Fleisch et al., 2014), the IoT Business Model Builder outlined in this whitepaper provides a hands-on, easy-to-use procedure model for developing business models for IoT offerings. It is based on our experience in designing business models for IoT applications in various domains.

    You are interested in reading the entire whitepaper?

  • Project Consulting

    What workshops do we offer?


    Workshop Goals No. of participants Duration
    Ideation Workshop (optional) Understand customer needs, technological and industry trends, generate business model innovation ideas, cluster ideas and select the most promising ones 15-20 1-2 days
    Business Model Development 1 Capture situation, illustrate idea, define strategic embedding and value proposition 3-5 1-2 days
    Business Model Development 2 Illustrate customer journey, define end-to-end solution, roughly define value added in the partner network 3-5 2 days
    Business Model Development 3 Draft business case, define follow-up activities and roadmap 1-2 1 day
    Scenario Planning
    Identify key factors that have impact on business model, derive scenarios, assess early indicators, evaluate viability of the business model 3-5 2-3 day
    Contact Veronika Brandt and get more information

    Veronika Brandt

    Head of IoT Business Consulting

    Phone +49 30 726 112 373


    Bosch Software Innovations usually provides one workshop facilitator and one subject specialist per workshop. Sufficient time for follow-up activities should be factored in between the sessions.

  • Training

    Training: Master Class IoT Business Model Innovation



    “IoT Business Model Builder” applied – hands on workshop using tools that guide you from initial ideas to business case calculation. In this interactive, 2-day master class, you will work with business model innovation experts from T-Systems and Bosch Software Innovations. In small groups, you will apply selected tools of the IoT Business Model Builder to use cases.


    2 days (9 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.)

    Trainer: Veronika Brandt

    Veronika Brandt

    Head of IoT Business Consulting

    Bosch Software Innovations



    Next trainings

    March 7-8, 2017 - FULLY BOOKED

    May 17-18, 2017

    November 15-16, 2017

    Interested? Book the training now!

    Matthias Walter

    Matthias Walter

    Head of Business Model Innovation Lab

    T-Systems Multimedia Solutions



    • Creative Techniques
    • IoT Business Model Patterns
    • Value Proposition / Value Driver Mapping
    • Value Network and the Platform Business Model Canvas
    • Lean Validation
    • Customer Journey
    • IoT Solution Sketch
    • Assumption List and Business Case

    Goals of training:

    • You will be equipped with tooling to identify and sharpen opportunities for your organization
    • You will understand the iterative process and relevant success factors for IoT BMI
    • You will be motivated to trigger IoT initiatives in your company
    • You will get in touch with experts just as passionate about IoT as you are

    Target group:

    • Decision-makers and executives passionate for IoT, who want to embrace for their companies the opportunities the IoT brings

    Previous knowledge:

    It is beneficial if you bring basic knowledge with BM tools such as the Business Model Canvas, Value Proposition Canvas, Design Thinking


    participation certificate


    1,800 € excl. VAT


  • Webinars

    How to sketch IoT solutions?


    The IoT Business Model Builder is a powerful set of tools that provide guidance and a structured approach to developing new business models. Once business model ideas have been generated and evaluated, a tangible illustration of the solution is necessary. The IoT Solution Sketch offers exactly that: it helps you to create a first technical draft of the solution, but keeps it as simple as possible to adapt to changes made during the iterative development process. This webinar offers you practical hands-on experience with the IoT Business Model Builder’s IoT Business Solution Sketch.

    Webinar 2017/04/20

    05:00 - 05:30 PM CET

    Register now


    Who should attend?

    This 30-minute webinar is free of charge and aimed at innovative people who want to leverage methods for IoT business model creation.

    The webinar includes:

    • Introducing the IoT Business Model Builder

    • The IoT Solution Sketch

    • Practical example


    The webinar is held in English.




    Veronika Brandt

    Head of IoT Business Consulting

    Bosch Software Innovations GmbH