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Dr. Frank Puhlmann
Team Manager Methodology / Architecture
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"Enterprise BPM – Recipe for success for company-wide process management"



How to use BPM and BRM successfully

The challenges faced by companies when implementing projects based on business process management (BPM) and business rules management (BRM) must not be underestimated. Significant efforts are required to coordinate the activities of different organizational units and individuals, and to correlate processes across different application systems and information sources.

BPM Project Methodology
The integrated BPM project methodology (IBPM) is the methodological framework.

IBPM combines process- and service-oriented analysis and design (POAD / SOAD) for the efficient implementation
of BPM projects.
  • Reduction of implementation time
  • Acceleration of ROI (return on investment)
  • Reduction of project risks
  • Reduction of project costs
Figure 1

To help you manage the risks and costs when introducing BPM, Bosch Software Innovations has developed a comprehensive range of services. Based on the established IBPM methodology (see Figure 1), we offer you coaching and training courses that build on the BPMN 2.0 industry standard. This comprises both the basics of IBPM and additional customer-specific topics. The IBPM methodology concentrates on specialist users and process managers. With the help of our coaching and training courses, our customers acquire the skills needed to carry out a professional analysis and modeling of process- and rule-oriented information systems, while taking technical capabilities into account.

Agile BPM project methodology

In light of our own very positive experience and numerous customer requests, we have expanded IBPM project methodology to incorporate an additional agile method. This involves combining the basics of IBPM methodology with the successful Scrum approach (see Figure 2). Scrum is an iterative, incremental process model, which is particularly useful when there is a lack of detailed instructions. This is a quite common feature of BPM projects, where clients often supply a general objective but are initially unable to provide any specifics. Usually, the details are worked out in close cooperation with process owners and associates from the relevant departments – while the project is already underway. In such cases, the agile BPM project methodology supplies the processes that the client actually needs, while dispensing with the laborious implementation of instructions that may be lacking in practical relevance.

Principles of agile BPM projects

Figure 2

Methodology & Architecture services

The Methodology and Architecture team provides you with support in introducing and using the integrated project methodology. In addition to analyzing the process model (classic or agile) that suits your project, we also offer you various quick-checks in the field of solution architectures and documenting them in accordance with IBPM. The main focus here is on “enabling” the client’s associates to apply the integrated project methodology in a manner that precisely matches the needs of their company.


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