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In our IoT trainings we share with you the knowledge and expertise that we have amassed over the years.
IoT Academy

Become an IoT expert in our IoT trainings

Want to become a specialist for IoT solutions? Attend our courses to learn from our experts.

Training overview

Why should you attend our IoT trainings?

You need highly skilled staff in order to complete your project per requirements and to implement your solution profitably.

Experienced IoT trainers

In the course of developing our own software solutions, we have acquired considerable IoT expertise. You can learn extensive tips and tricks from our experts, and then profit from our years of experience.

Broad blend of theory and practice

We offer many different trainings at our IoT Academy. Our priority is to balance theory, practice, and appropriate instructional methods to ensure the best possible results.

Customized IoT trainings

Do you have concrete ideas what information you and your colleagues need for a successful project? We can customize trainings to provide you with exactly that knowledge and expertise that you need to master projects.

How our IoT trainings will make you an expert

In our IoT Academy we offer you various trainings, workshops, and certification programs which are preparing you to plan, implement, and roll out your solution. Since our participants have different levels of expertise, we offer four categories of trainigs: Fundamentals, Basics, Advanced, or Expert.
Our IoT Academy features excellently equipped rooms and offers an amiable atmosphere for instructors and students alike.

Overview of trainings

Our established standard trainings cover the following topics and products.

IoT Business Consulting

IoT Business Consulting

The Internet of Things and platforms are driving the digital transformation. During this interactive training taught by experts, you will learn methods for developing IoT-based business models that will succeed. Selected methods from the IoT Business Model Builder will be used to equip you with the tools for successful IoT and platform business models. Innovation experts from Bosch Software Innovations provide additional support.

IoT Business Consulting Trainings

Bosch IoT Suite

Bosch IoT Suite

In our Bosch IoT Suite trainings, you will get to know each service as well as its functions and operating principles. Topics range from an overview of the basics to development of a tailored solution utilizing different pieces of hardware.

Bosch IoT Suite Trainings

Cloud Development

Cloud Development

Our Cloud Development trainings look at the peculiarities associated with developing for the cloud, examining them on multiple levels. Most of these trainings address all providers and solutions, but we also offer courses that showcase the Bosch IoT Cloud.

Cloud Services Trainings

inubit BPM

inubit BPM

We offer several trainings on inubit BPM, our software for business process management. These trainings range from introductory sessions for people unfamiliar with the software to advanced trainings that provide in-depth knowledge.

inubit BPM Trainings

Visual Rules

Visual Rules

We offer various trainings on Visual Rules, our software for business rules management (BRM). Here you can learn tips and tricks for installing and administering Visual Rules. We also offer introductory courses for people with no BRM software experience as well as advanced courses for those interested in learning more about a particular area of application.

Visual Rules Trainings

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0

Trainings in our Industry 4.0 solutions will introduce you to the relevant software program. These introductory trainings in Industry 4.0 solutions are ideal for people who have little or no experience with our software. Participants learn to operate and manage Industry 4.0 solutions as well as how to find opportunities for implementing them.

Industry 4.0 solutions Trainings

OSGi and ProSyst

OSGi and ProSyst

Several trainings at our IoT Academy introduce our ProSyst products and OSGi specifications.
We also offer instruction on ready-to-use modules of the OSGi Runtime mBS and provide opportunities for you to try out tools for programming in an OSGi environment.

ProSyst Gateway Software Trainings

XDK Cross-Domain Development Kit

XDK Cross-Domain Development Kit

This training for advanced programmers provides expert-level information on the XDK110 Cross-Domain Development Kit, a Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions product.

XDK Cross Domain Development Kit Trainings

Secure your discount with IoT Academy education credits

If you expect that one or more of your employees will attend courses during a calendar year, then you can benefit from our education credits. Simply let us know which courses interest you.
The more courses you enroll in, the larger your discount will be. We will issue you a single invoice for all your credits – no need to submit an internal request for each course. You can then redeem your education credits throughout the coming calendar year.

Interested in a customized curriculum? Please contact our experts. With your input, they will design a series of courses tailored to your needs.

“Our participants of today are your success stories of tomorrow. Let the Bosch IoT Academy help you.”

Ralf Loebe, Head of the IoT Academy

Expert for the IoT Academy

Ralf Loebe, Head of IoT Academy
Ralf Loebe
Head of IoT Academy Services