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We work closely with our customers to design one-of-a-kind business models for the Internet of Things (IoT).
IoT Business Consulting

The right IoT business model for your Internet of Things success story

Do you drive digital transformation at your company and want to implement innovative IoT business models? Let us help you.

Blog: Best practices for sharpening IoT business models

Why should you create your IoT business model with our help?

The IoT has spawned many new business strategies. We will gladly assist you in developing and initiating your IoT business model.

Scientifically proven and field-tested

Rely on our scientifically recognized and field-proven methods to develop your ideas. Together, we will create an IoT business model based on your unique situation.

IoT business expert community

Why not become part of our network? You can benefit from the standards that we have defined in collaboration with partners such as the University of St. Gallen and the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC).

Solutions expertise and industry insights

We have been unsurpassed experts in IoT solutions for many years. Our combination of IT and domain expertise helps us make your solutions more tangible and your estimations of costs more accurate.

IoT Trainings: Business Model Innovation

Meet with experts to learn methods to build successful IoT and platform-based business models.

How we work with you to develop your IoT business model

The IoT Business Model Builder combines methods and tools for developing IoT business models. Icon lens
IoT Business Model Builder 2.0

You have a lot of options if you want to develop a business model for the Internet of Things (IoT). But you must make a lot of decisions, too. Companies that manage to systematically think through their IoT approach are well positioned to translate their plan into long-term success.

Our IoT Business Model Builder is a collection of useful methods and techniques. We have jointly developed the IoT Business Model Builder with experts from University of St.Gallen, and the IIC. In contrast to traditional approaches, it focuses on value networks and multi-sided platforms: Therefore it considers a value proposition for all partners involved. Since most IoT solutions generate a huge amount of data, the structured assessment of its value is part of our approach.

We will guide you en route to your IoT business model

We guide Starter Package customers toward their IoT business model. Icon lens
Starter Package: From idea to evaluation

Do you want to explore IoT opportunities for your company? With our Starter Package, you get our support from Day One. We will consider your unique situation during several workshops and support you to design your IoT business model one step at a time.

All our workshops are run by a moderator and a domain expert. Enough time has to be calculated in between the sessions to validate assumptions and prepare the next session.

Publications on IoT business models

In collaboration with the University of St. Gallen and the IIC, we have developed methods that enable you to implement your innovative business model.

“IoT is not only about connecting things. Most importantly we need to connect those partners that can jointly create great solutions.”

Veronika Brandt, Head of IoT Business Consulting

“With support from Bosch Software Innovations, the BVG team applied a structured, creative, and instructive process in developing its business model. The result was a validated basis for making decisions on our case.“

Frank Büch, Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe