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Webcast: How to validate new IoT business models

What can you learn in this webcast?


There are a whole range of business opportunities emerging in tandem with the Internet of Things (IoT). However, to capitalize on those opportunities and succeed in the IoT, you need to overcome a lot of challenges and risks, too. By validating your assumptions at an early stage, you reduce risk and increase your chances of success. That is why we have incorporated validation as an ongoing element in the IoT Business Model Builder – a framework that gives you a structured approach and guidance throughout the development of new IoT business models. Within this process, the goal is to validate assumptions as fast and as early as possible. What this does is help you to adapt or change your IoT business model at the right time, allowing for better results due to an iterative development process.
In this webcast, our experts will be giving you an introduction and practical hands-on experience as to how to validate assumptions.

Who is this webcast for:

This webcast is free of charge and is ideal for anyone who works on new innovative solutions and wants to leverage methods for IoT business creation (technical or business oriented).


  • Why you should validate IoT business models?
  • Introduction to the IoT Business Model Builder
  • Tools and methods you can use to validate assumptions
  • Practical example

Language & time:

English (30 minutes)


Our IoT Business Consulting experts Dierk Niemeyer and Philipp Richert are the speakers of the webcast. Please do not hesitate to contact our experts.

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