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In this webinar our experts for IoT business models show you how to skecht IoT solutions.
IoT Business Consulting

Webinar: How to sketch IoT solutions

20.04.2017 5.00 - 5.30 PM CET

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What are the key learnings from this webinar?

The IoT Business Model Builder is a powerful set of tools that provide guidance and a structured approach to developing new business models. Once business model ideas have been generated and evaluated, a tangible illustration of the solution is necessary. The IoT Solution Sketch offers exactly that: it helps you to create a first technical draft of the solution, but keeps it as simple as possible to adapt to changes made during the iterative development process. This webinar offers you practical hands-on experience with the IoT Business Model Builder’s IoT Solution Sketch.

This 30-minute webinar is free of charge and aimed at innovative people who want to leverage methods for IoT business model creation.


  • Introducing the IoT Business Model Builder
  • The IoT Solution Sketch
  • Practical example

This webinar is going to be hold in English.

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Publications on IoT business models

In collaboration with the University of St. Gallen and the IIC, we have developed methods that enable you to implement your innovative business model.