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Bosch Software Innovations
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Apply UX and design thinking to turn ideas into innovative, user-centered solutions.
User Experience

Our UX consultants support you to turn your idea into an innovation

„Design is thinking made visual“
Saul Bass, Designer

Innovation starts with people

We UX designers want to understand the “why” before we develop a solution for the “how.” We work visually because people think in pictures – not words.

The focus is on people

It begins with empathy and understanding for the user’s needs. Once we have understood what motivates them, we can start working on something that will inspire them.

Experimenting is better than analyzing

Learning by trial and error is the primary mode of human development. Trying something out, getting feedback, and then doing it better leads to successful solutions.

Jointly develop innovations

When different perspectives meet and many minds get creative, it produces a space for pioneering and disruptive innovations.

Our UX consultants develop innovations – with you and for you

We help in understanding and shaping the world of tomorrow, driven by enthusiasm for discovering the unknown and improving the status quo.
UX is more than attractive design. We aim to make the world a better place by understanding people’s needs and meeting those needs. You will succeed with good user experience only if you have aligned the entire customer journey with your users.
As part of a global technology group and as an IoT pioneer, we support you in developing user-centric, service-focused solutions.

Our portfolio of UX services

Innovation consulting and management

Innovation consulting and management

We help you identify and leverage innovation potential. To do so, we unite your design thinkers with ours, win over decision-makers, and inspire your staff. We jointly develop clear goals and make results measurable.

Human-centered design

Human-centered design

We get to know your users, identify their needs, and use those as a springboard to develop winning and innovative approaches to human-machine interfaces. Rapid testing of prototypes with “real” users and continuous improvement of our ideas are keys to success.



Encouraging innovation is primarily a question of attitude. We are happy to share our methodological expertise and our experience with you to make design thinking tangible. But be careful: our enthusiasm is contagious!

Design Thinking Workspace

Design Thinking Workspace

Creativity and innovation need room for inspiration. We aim to provide you with a space that is conducive to co-creation sessions, team workshops, or design sprints. So as of September 2017, you can visit us at our new location featuring more than 800 square meters of space for jointly developing and experiencing innovation.

“Customers don’t care about your solution. They care about their problems. Your solution, while interesting, is irrelevant if it doesn‘t solve their problem. This is what UX is all about: understanding your customers and creating engaging solution.”
Christina Dicke, Head of User Experience Services

Expert for User Experience

Christina Dicke, a professional graphic designer,is working in user experience at Bosch Software Innovations.
Christina Dicke
Head of User Experience Services