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Become an IoT expert at our IoT Academy
IoT Academy

Become an IoT expert at our IoT Academy

In our new LearnWorld you can view all training courses including dates, materials, and certificates – all at a glance.

Overview of courses

We support you on your digital transformation journey

The Internet of Things (IoT) is not new, but we are only just beginning to see the changes it will bring. At Bosch Software Innovations we have been active in the IoT for nearly 10 years. We know what it can achieve, which goes far beyond technology, changing businesses and disrupting industries.
With our Customer Success Services (CSS) organization we will support you on your IoT-driven digital transformation journey. Using our experience, we will for example help you find your best business model, provide the training for changing workforce skills, as well as focus on the user experience to manage your digital transformation. All the services you need are in one place, so you can get up and running with the agility of the startup that is the mark of the new digital age.

Our Customer Success Services