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Remote monitoring and space management in commercial buildings

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Connected Building

Connectivity as the key to more efficiency and convenience in commercial buildings

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A Connected Building solution with robust partners: efficient, comfortable, intelligent


The LifeCycle Tower One (LCT) in Dornbirn is the first eight-story building to feature prefabricated wood construction. With the construction of this office building in 2012, the Rhomberg Group left an indelible architectural mark in terms of sustainability and resource efficiency. For the LCT One, the Zumtobel Group developed a lighting concept featuring connected lighting infrastructure, as well as sensors for the measurement of parameters such as light penetration, temperature, rain, wind, and motion. This allows for the creation of unique environments for events such as meetings within the rooms through various combinations of artificial and natural light.

Thanks to the partnership between Zumtobel Group und Bosch Software Innovations, along with support from Dassault Systèmes and Modcam AB, building data can be transformed into useful information. Not only do facility managers gain a real-time overview of the status and technological health of the building, the Bosch software also assists with remote monitoring, showing them which spaces in the building are being used and how. This enables the Rhomberg Group to adapt service intervals and minimize downtimes while optimizing office space utilization.


Minimizing energy and maintenance costs

A multitude of data is available thanks to the connected lighting infrastructure developed by Zumtobel for LCT One, and this data is evaluated using the connected building software. This makes it possible, for instance, to view the fault status and energy consumption for every lighting element, in order to detect in advance, or completely avoid, possible outages. Furthermore, the facility manager receives information regarding the remaining service life and elapsed operating time of lighting elements. A maintenance history provides information regarding noticeable problems, anomalies, off-line equipment, and other irregularities.

The jointly developed Connected Building solution helps the Rhomberg Group to significantly save on energy and maintenance expenses while providing valuable data to further enhance comfort levels in LCT One.


Bosch IoT Suite provides the technological basis

Bosch Software Innovations Connected Building

The technological basis is the Bosch IoT Suite, which integrates sensors, lighting infrastructure, users, and existing IT systems. Using the analytics and evaluation features, the Rhomberg Group is able to offer improved or completely new services, enter new business areas, or even create new business models.


Connected Building-project in Dornbirn (A)

Partners driving LCT One project forward