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Greater efficiency and comfort in Connected Buildings

Connected Building Bosch Software Innovations
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Steffen Lehmann
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Webcast Connected Building



Connected Building

Connectivity as the key to more efficiency and convenience in commercial buildings

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ConnectedBuildings are becoming a reality

Here is where our software can help you right away


A connected building offers greater efficiency and convenience for management and maintenance. Building data as well as data management and analysis processes can be used to help generate improved or completely new services for building operators, which building equipment manufacturers can provide as value-added features.


Remote monitoring and optimization of services and maintenance

Access real-time data about your building from anywhere, and pinpoint disturbances or other problems before more serious damage occurs. In this way you can optimize service intervals while arranging for maintenance tasks to be performed more efficiently.


Monitoring of building equipment

Efficient planning of expenditures


Bosch software makes monitoring your building equipment even easier. Key performance indicators (KPIs) are quickly assembled using up-to-date measurement data to assist you in monitoring and scoring building performance. All relevant figures are available at a glance, and you will receive notifications before or when these exceed or fall below specified limits. For you, this ensures reliable building operations while preventing unplanned breakdowns of your building equipment.

You are given centralized, detailed information regarding building-related data as well as KPIs, such as for energy consumption, lighting element lifespans, or the presence of persons in the building outside of normal opening hours. You can also see to what extent and at what times the spaces in your building are being used. This information lets you optimize the utilization of floor space and dispatch cleaning services as necessary.


This data can be accessed in a clearly arranged presentation format for each equipment item and each floor, or for the entire building, which helps you to maximize the effectiveness of your expenditure.


Additional features

  • Centralized accessibility of reports, statistics, and analyses
  • Automatic alerts
  • Easy-to-read visualization formats, such as heat maps

Bosch IoT Suite for efficient and innovative applications


The Bosch IoT Suite forms the technological basis of our software. It links lighting infrastructure, sensors, users, and existing IT systems, and allows a tailored application to be created for your building. Benefits of the Bosch IoT suite:


Rapid application development thanks to integrated IoT middleware covering rules, process, and device management as well as orchestration and operation.

State-of-the-art security technology.


Standardized and systematic access to Bosch and third-party devices based on open standards using what are known as information models derived from business logic.

Open platform through the integration of numerous open source software products and comprehensive support of standards.