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Adaptive Case Management – Flexible solutions rather than rigid processes.

Flexible case management with inubit ACM

inubit ACM is a new solution that allows you to focus your attention on the case at hand and the desired objectives. Because it provides more scope for users to make decisions, it enables them to apply their own knowledge and explore new avenues when dealing with unstructured or complex cases.

Case Management with inubit ACM | Webcast


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Steffen Lehmann - Products

Steffen Lehmann
Director Sales
Phone +49 30 726112-243

Adaptive Case Management - Your software for unstructured business cases

Adaptive Case Management (ACM) is the perfect inubit BPM add-on for those seeking a software solution capable of processing variable, unstructured and knowledge intensive business cases. Classic process management places the process in the foreground and defines workflows on this basis. ACM takes a fundamentally different approach in which the focus always lies on solving a specific (business) case and on the user’s knowledge.

The advantage of inubit ACM is that it gives users the flexibility to decide for themselves which of the proposed sub-processes or activities is best suited to solving the case in hand or whether an entirely new solution would be better. This approach enables optimum use to be made of the employees’ skills and experience, and if the solution they find works well, it can be adapted more easily to similar cases in the future.


Your benefits

  • Lower costs as a result of optimized case processing times
  • Transparency through improved access to information and documentation
  • Assured quality through the centralization, standardization and improvement of internal communication
  • Reliable planning and implementation by an experienced partner in the field of BPM and ACM


Is ACM the right approach for my business?


inubit ACM is especially tailored to businesses in the service sector, where a flexible response is particularly important, for instance call centers and maintenance organizations. In other words, whenever:

  • the cases processed include a large proportion of unexpected events,
  • there are nonetheless a significant number of recurring processing models and steps,
  • the knowledge workers possess a high level of professional expertise, and
  • many of them carry out the same type of work.