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Adaptive Case Management - Reference project.

Flexible case management with inubit ACM

inubit ACM is a new solution that allows you to focus your attention on the case at hand and the desired objectives. Because it provides more scope for users to make decisions, it enables them to apply their own knowledge and explore new avenues when dealing with unstructured or complex cases.

Case Management with inubit ACM | Webcast


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Steffen Lehmann - Products

Steffen Lehmann
Director Sales
Phone +49 30 726112-243

Electronic Case Management in the Single European Market

Electronic Case Management in the Single European Market

"In addition to the information services, basic services and links, inubit Case Management provides all of the tools for processing applications and cross-department communications electronically and without media discontinuity. The data protection requirements and the legally required traceability of communications and data exchange are completely fulfilled."

Rainer Baalcke, E-Government Strategy Officer, Federal State of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern



To implement the EU DLR, a single point of contact (SPC) must be introduced and the electronic processing of request procedures facilitated:

  • Integration of heterogeneous IT systems in an overall system
  • Merging of legally and organizationally separate parties into an SPC
  • Identification of isolated business processes and integration with the holistic, new business processes of the SPC



Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania opted for an integrated case management system within a service-orientated EU DLR overall architecture, which receives electronic applications and which guarantees processes without media discontinuity and on schedule, even when widely differing parties are involved:

  • Integration of the responsibility finder, the electronic application wizard and a directory service
  • Use of the X-EU-DLR message standard for transmitting the application and process data between the E-Government components
  • Connection with the portal server integrated in inubit BPM, thereby creating a uniform, web-based user interface for all communications between the SPCs in the chambers of commerce

Results achieved


inubit Case Management receives application data via a virtual process on the basis of OSCI and supports the SPC and the responsible areas with a predefined process that still provides sufficient scope for manual interaction:

  • Implementation of the legal requirements and a notification process without media discontinuity through integration of relevant administrative procedures
  • Wide-ranging use of inubit BPM as a state-wide component
  • Support for additional administrative processes can be implemented with just a few adjustments due to the generic approach