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Adaptive Case Management – Range of functions.

Flexible case management with inubit ACM

inubit ACM is a new solution that allows you to focus your attention on the case at hand and the desired objectives. Because it provides more scope for users to make decisions, it enables them to apply their own knowledge and explore new avenues when dealing with unstructured or complex cases.

Case Management with inubit ACM | Webcast


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Steffen Lehmann - Products

Steffen Lehmann
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inubit ACM - Extensive standard functionalities, individual enhancements

With inubit ACM, you have the tools you need to solve (often unstructured and variable) knowledge-intensive business cases – a challenge that classic process management frequently fails to meet.

Even the basic version of Adaptive Case Management offers you numerous advantages, because it is easily adaptable to a wide range of specialist areas, simple to integrate into existing application environments, and allows new options for knowledge workers to be added without complication.


Basic version of inubit ACM

  • Implementation of the full case lifecycle
  • Parallel processing of different case types
  • Configurable case queues (number of cases and classification)
  • Definition of case priorities
  • Administration of case- and customer-specific master data
  • Full-text search function
  • Case histories and Documentation of case communication
  • LDAP interface
  • Supports integration with external systems (e.g. ticketing systems, iPort devices)
  • Integration of email systems; interface permitting documentation of emails
  • Automatically allocates cases to case handlers (default: allocation according to priority)
  • Data import/export functions
  • SLA monitoring
  • Case monitoring (location-based, per queue)

Customized enhancements

In addition to our standard version, we also offer a programming service for customizing functions to further enhance the system’s performance and adapt it to specific customer requirements and workflows. Examples include:

  • Automatic allocation of cases to case handlers. In the basic version, cases are allocated according to priority. But this function can be modified to allow the definition of customized allocation rules, which are either entered in a BRM system or programmed into the code.
  • Import/export of customer-specific cases and/or master data
  • Customer-specific SLA monitoring

In addition to these options inubit ACM includes a large number of integration possibilities with other systems.