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Structured Field Data Retrieval - Features and Benefits

Structured Field Data Retrieval

Structured Field Data Retrieval

Our solution provides completely new insights about how your products are used in the field. We developed a unified solution based on an architecture that offers end-to-end data availability, tailored scalability and state of the art security.

  • Simplified access to all device data
  • Fast big data analytics
  • Optimized data insights for domain experts
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Andreas Glaeser - Products

Andreas Glaeser
Senior Expert (Sales)
Phone +49 711 811-58151

The Bosch IoT Suite as Basis for Structured Field Data Retrieval Solutions

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The big data capturing and analytics solution for the IoT


Structured Field Data Retrieval was designed to handle the massive amount and high velocity of IoT data. By providing more innovative and efficient ways to analyze data, the solution helps companies to generate insights from IoT data.



Customer benefits

  • Easy and efficient way to access all kind of device data
  • Structured capturing of data from distributed devices
  • Data decoding, normalizing, validation, and preparation
  • Data foundation for future products and solutions
  • Basis for product optimization and predictive maintenance
  • Easy access to your data via reporting interfaces and management dashboards
  • Better products and solutions
    • Rightsized (real field load vs. spec.)
    • Lower costs and increased reliability
  • Reduced time to market (faster validation)

  • Proactive identification of quality issues
    • Avoid warranty claims
    • Increase customer satisfaction